Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Cochran's - Our Family and Our Animals

Our Home

Our Animals

Our new batch of kittens.

Oxie and Pugsly. The Ocker's dogs that we are watching right now.

Gosel then...

Gosel now!

The chicken yard.

My chick "Princess".

Some of our gennie hens.

Our goats Sariah and Jubilee.



Our Family

Our wonderful parents.

Sayer and I

Sabrina and Gosley - her goose.



Seth and Sayer reading together.

Seth protector of his sisters and little brother Sayer... our dragon slayer.

Sayer Stonewall. He has the greatest smile.

He loves his "dappy's".

A Wonderful Visit With Releatives

Last Wednesday, Uncle Drew, Aunt Brenda, Logan, Luke, Elizabeth, Hannah and Maraeah came for a visit. They live in Montana and we had not seen them for two years. It was very nice to see them again!!!


Sayer loves to feed the "chuck chucks".

Here we are in the chicken yard.

Elizabeth, Logan, Seth and Luke

Stasia and her kitten, Pal.

Me and Princess my chick.

Princess loves to be fed out of your hand.

Logan and I by the "wedget" creation we built.

We watched "Facing the Giants".

Logan and daddy putting up the zip line.

Seth and Luke

Gathered for family worship.

A late night game of "Blockus".


Uncle Drew and daddy fellowshipping.


Daddy finished the zip line!!! We all had a great time playing on it.

Getting in line.


Sabrina and daddy helping Hannah get on the zip line.

There she goes!!!


Sienna bringing back the line.


Elizabeth's turn and...

My turn!!!

Daddy tightening the line.

Seth and Sayer



Sabrina and Maraeah

Daddy and Uncle Drew working on the chicken tractor/house.

Maraeah enjoyed petting Daisy (Daisy enjoyed it too!)

Aunt Brenda and Maraeah

Logan and Luke helped me ice the cake. You two did a great job!!!

Looking forward to desert.


Seth helped mommy make lunch.

The cousins had a great time playing "kemps" - a very fun card game.

Stasia dressing Maraeah up.

All of us kids with Uncle Drew, Aunt Brenda, Logan, Luke, Elizabeth, Hannah and Maraeah.

We love you all bunches!!! Thank you so much for coming!!!