Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cochran Chronicles

Hello everyone! It has been a busy month here at the Cochran's house. We've had a lot going on and were sick for quite a while but, are all doing well again now.

I've fallen seriously behind on the blogging so, I've done my best to update everything. I hope everyone enjoys the new posts!!!

Shenandoah is growing and changing so much. She is such a delight and joy!!! I was able to get her to laugh for the first time a couple of days ago. It was so precious!!! I am including a cute picture and video of her below.

We love her smile!

She has really been cooing a lot more and being more expressive!!! This video was from last Thursday when she turned 11 weeks old. It's hard to believe she is that old already!!!



I love the video of Shenandoah! I just love those sweet baby sounds!


Sending Out Arrows said...

I really enjoy your blog. The pictures of Shenandoah are so sweet!


Sara said...

Aww.....Shenendoah is so cute! I just love little babies!

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon Cochran Family,
I don't know if you remember me, we where the ones with the large family and I had sent a comment in a few weeks ago, we had just found your blog and I was wondering how everyone is doing since it has been about a month since you have blogged. Hope to hear from you soon. Beth C.

The Cochran's said...

Greetings Beth,
Thank you for your comment.
We actually have a few new posts that we are just tying up so they should be out on the blog soon.
We are happy that you enjoy our blog and would be interested in knowing more about your family. If you would like to email us our email is:

Thank you and God Bless! ~Savannah C.