Friday, October 25, 2013

Germany 2013 Week 2 - Abroad Part One - Rothenburg

Rothenburg is such a beautiful town and we thoroughly enjoyed our time there!  It is known for being one the oldest and best preserved medieval towns of Germany.

Getting ready to enter old town - the original town inside the wall.

I love all the typical German style buildings.

Getting a few treats to start off our visit!

These post cards in the window show some of the sights of the town.

A little vegetable stand - does anyone know what those orange things are?!!

This reminded us of home... :)

Quaint little streets of Rothenburg...

This building in the market square is undergoing some repairs, but you can see from the full size picture what it normally looks like.

The Town Hall.

Once again, there were a LOT of stairs to climb!

They got very narrow at the top!!  We were proud of Sayer - he overcame his fear of heights and went all the way to the top!!

This is what you had to climb up to get out at the top of the building.

We made it!

Enjoying the beautiful view.

I think this is a neat picture with some of the wall in view. 

Back on good old terra firma. 

Your faithful photographer - but not quite as faithful blogger. :)

Sayer found a friend.

Sibling line up by the wall.


If you ever have the opportunity, amarena is the best!!! 
(picture thanks to google!)

This pretty much explains it. :)

We walked by the Medieval Crime Museum.


Then we walked along the wall.

I think she's just adorable!!!

Back inside the town.

We met some other tourists from who were from Ramstein.

I found this statue of Saint George and the Dragon high up on this building.

Do you see something wrong with this picture?!? 
Mommy was going to take a line up picture and this gentleman (who was walking by and obviously had a great sense of humor) took my place!!!

That looks a bit more like it. :)

Next we decided to walk the wall.

Rooftops of Rothenburg.

If you ever make it to Germany, I definitely recommend finding time to visit Rothenburg!!!