Monday, May 25, 2009

Cochran Chronicles

Greetings from our family to yours! We've had a fun and busy past month and I now have a lot of blogging to catch up on!!! :) (Maybe someday I'll get an opportunity to post more frequently :)

Here is an overview of the updates I've posted below...

The middle of April, our family took a trip to Tennessee. We spent a wonderful week as a family just resting and spending time together. We were also able to do quite a bit of sight seeing as well, so you will be able to see some of the pictures from that.

Shenandoah is growing and changing so much. I think we nearly smother her with love!!! :) I've done a fun post of random pictures of her from the past couple of months and I hope you enjoy those.

We have baby goats now!!! Our mama goat had three kids, two girls and a boy. We are thankful to be able to say that they are all healthy and strong.

The end of April, we celebrated my 17th birthday and then a week later, we celebrated Sayer's 4th! I've done posts on both of those as well.

A couple of days after my birthday, Daddy and I hived my second hive of bees!!! That is rather exciting and I hope that they will do as well as my other hive is. We should be able to get honey off of my first hive later this summer. We can't wait!!!

About three weeks ago, a new Farmer's Market started up in Enid. We've been participating in that each Saturday and have been able to sell quite a few eggs there which is huge blessing! Our chickens started laying so many eggs that we had been stuck with an over abundance!!! :) This past weekend, I was also able to sell some baked goods which I made at a commercial kitchen owned by some friends of ours who have a dairy to the north of us. It has been a lot of fun and a great learning experience!

On top of this we've been doing a complete re-organization and re-arranging of the house. It has been quite the project (it looked pretty bad for a while - things almost always look worse before they look better - so, we didn't take any pictures of this). The boys room became the storage/sewing room, the boys moved upstairs and the guest room became their room, we changed up our living room, kitchen, hall closet, library and laundry rooms. We took down a set of bunk beds from us girls' room and moved it down to the store room (extra beds work good sometimes) and then put a full size bed in place of that in our room(it really gives us more space in our room which is nice!) We've done a lot more too, but I think I'll stop there :). Thankfully it has gone well and I believe we are just about done.

I hope everyone enjoys all of the new posts!!!

~Posted by Savannah

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Farmer's Market

Last Wednesday, Mommy took Sienna and I over to "Wagon Creek Creamery" (which is run by our friends the Crain's) to bake things for the Farmer's Market in their commercial kitchen. Daddy came over after work and helped us finish up. Here are a few pictures.

We made 180 chocolate chip scones!

We also made 30 lbs. of trail mix and 30 lbs. of granola!

Daddy working on packaging.

Sienna helped me with many different things. Here she is helping me with the dishes.

I took a turn at the packaging.

Was the big day!!! It was the Grand Opening for the Enid Farmer's Market. Things went very well!!! It was very windy and kind of chilly, but thankfully it wasn't raining. There was a great turn out! Seth and I helped Daddy run the tables. We had a very enjoyable time!

Here are a few pictures I took before things started up. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to take anymore during the farmer's market! I also posted a video of it. I filmed around the circle of the market to try to give an idea of the set up. You can pause it at anytime to get a better picture of the different products. Enjoy!

Our Tables

These two signs kind of speak for themselves. Daddy made them and they worked out great!

Our egg table

Our baked goods table

Seth was a big help!

Mother's Day

We love you Mommy!!!

Sayer's Birthday -May 5th

Sayer adds so much joy to our home and is such a blessing to our family. We love you buddy, Happy Birthday!!!

Mommy and Sayer getting ready to enjoy his birthday lunch.

It was a rainy day so, here are Sabrina, Sienna, Stasia and Seth in their ponchos getting ready to do animal chores!

Daddy and Sayer by his birthday countdown sign.


Sayer and Seth

Sayer and Stasia

Sayer and Sienna

Sayer and Sabrina

Sayer and I

He really enjoys the hopper that he got for his birthday!

I made him a "Castle Almond Bunt Cake".

Saying his birthday prayer...

Getting ready to blow out his candles!!!


On May 2nd, Daddy and I hived my second hive of bees!!! Here are a couple of pictures that Mommy snapped of us.

Getting ready to open the package of bees...

Here we are by my first hive. I inspected it and everything is looking great!

I present to you my second bee hive!!! This is right after we hived it. You can see all of our equipment sitting around. :)

Baby Goats!!!

Our baby goats are here and doing great!!!

Sariah with her kids.

Teeny Weeny



Curled up with the kittens.

My (Savannah's) Birthday -April 29th

I had a wonderful birthday spending the day with my family who did so much to make it special!!! Here are a few pictures...

Sabrina surprised me by picking fresh flowers for my hair!

Sienna and Stasia did a wonderful job on my sign.

Mommy and Sabrina making my birthday lunch.

Sayer and I

Seth is a wonderful artist! He drew me several wonderful pictures. Here is a "castle princess" picture he made for me.

Stasia was very creative with some sticks she found outside and made me these flags!


Sienna and I

Sabrina and I

Shenandoah and I

The Cochran Clan

Sabrina made me a wonderful "Chocolate Boston Cake". Yum!!!

My birthday prayer... (Shenandoah was very fascinated with the candles and I think Sabrina was a little nervous, but I was holding her hands :)


Below are a few random pictures of my precious, adorable, baby sister Shenandoah!

Sabrina and Shenandoah getting ready for a walk.

Playing on the floor.

Waking up

I just love her smile!

Dressed up (she loves her fingers!)

Isn't she cute?!

A couple of weeks ago, we fed her "real" food for the first time!

She wasn't quite sure how the mashed apples looked.

Tasting apples for the first time...

I'm not so sure I liked that!

Seth and Shenandoah

Sabrina and Shenandoah (isn't her expression precious!)

Sleeping Beauty