Saturday, March 30, 2013

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Daddy's Retirement - March 1st, 2013

Wow.  After 23 1/2 years, it was hard to believe that the day had finally arrived.  What a big milestone in our family!  We're so thankful for how the Lord has used daddy's time in the Air Force in our lives.  From what He has taught us, to places we've been, and most importantly, the many friends we've made, we are so thankful.  Though this season has drawn to a close, I know daddy's time in the Air Force and the accompanying experiences are things that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives.  I'm very happy that I was born near the beginning of daddy's time in the Air Force as that enabled me to be around for most of his career - I'll always be an Air Force brat at heart. :)

This was quite a full post to put together and I hope everyone will enjoy the pictures and videos!!  Also, special thanks to Melanie, Mrs. Bryan, and Aunt Moe for some of the pictures!!

Congratulations daddy!

Getting everything set.  We sure appreciate everyone who made the day possible.

Guests start to arrive.


A young lady from our church made the cakes and decorated them with the two planes that my father flew.  She did such a beautiful job!  I didn't get a picture, but the cake was red, white, and blue on the inside too!!

We weren't supposed to find this out, but we heard afterward that Ariel burnt her hand (very badly) while making the cakes - and still finished them!!  Wow Ariel, thank you so much!!


The official party enters.

We were blessed to have Lt. Col. Nickels officiate the ceremony and give some background on daddy's career. 

Daddy and Mr. Nickels went through pilot training together and have been through a lot of the same assignments together.

"Please stand for the reading of the retirement orders."

What a moment.

Mommy pins on his retirement pin.

Mommy is presented with her certificate of appreciation.

Each of us kids are presented with letters of appreciation from the Wing Commander.

Lt. Col. Stands says a few words and presents daddy with a flag that was flown on his behalf, as well as the fin flash of his T-38.

The flag folding ceremony.

Daddy shares a few words.

Stasia sings "Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye."


Starbucks donated the coffee for the evening!

These dear friends finished my dessert project for me!!

We couldn't have pulled the food off that evening without all the behind the scenes work of friends.  Thank you so much everyone!!!

The food line worked out great.

Apparently Stasia was telling an intriguing story!

It was so good to see those of our extended family who were able to come!

It was great to see old friends as well.

Mr. "O" officiated for our time of evening presentations.

This Trio got everybody laughing to start things off.

Ha ha!! :)

Aunt Moe and Uncle Todd.

Audience shots...

The Fleshman's sang a fun song for us.

The "O's" did a great poem - the little guys were SO cute!!

Joshua shared some encouraging words.

Seth, Shenandoah, and Sayer sang "You're A Grand Old Flag".

The men's choir blessed us with "The Irish Rebel", "America The Beautiful", and "Be Thou My Vision."

Their family is always smiling!

I shared the poem "High Flight".

Sienna wrote a poem for daddy.

Mr. Gobart blessed with some thoughts as daddy enters this new phase of life.

He also presented daddy with a special plaque. 

Some of the young men from our church sang a special song that they wrote in honor of daddy.

The presentations ended with the families of our church singing "May The Lord, Mighty God, Bless and Keep You Forever."

Thank you so much to everyone for what they shared and for helping to make this such a special evening for our WHOLE family.  We love you guys!!!

Daddy explaining the things in the shadow box mommy made for him.

Talking with Adelina!

Daddy with Carol and Gary.

Just enjoying time together.

Daddy with Uncle Todd and Aunt Moe.

Family picture!

My wonderful parents.

Couples shot.

"Local" friends.

Friends from out of town.

Joshua and daddy.

Marching time!

Daddy with the Gobart family.

Sabrina and Hannah.

Dear friends!

Poor Ariel and Sienna - they both had burns!

I hope everyone enjoys some video clips of the evening below!!  If you have any trouble viewing them, please let me know!!

The slideshow we put together for daddy's retirement.

Daddy's speech during his retirement ceremony.

What mommy shared.

"In The Air Force" :)

Joshua's speech during the time of sharing.

Mr. Gobart's speech during the time of sharing.

Men's choir - we didn't realize we had such a great singing group in our church!

"Forever Pressing Onward" - a special song that some of the young men from church wrote in honor of daddy.