Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cochran Chronicles

Hello everyone! It has been a busy month here at the Cochran's house. We've had a lot going on and were sick for quite a while but, are all doing well again now.

I've fallen seriously behind on the blogging so, I've done my best to update everything. I hope everyone enjoys the new posts!!!

Shenandoah is growing and changing so much. She is such a delight and joy!!! I was able to get her to laugh for the first time a couple of days ago. It was so precious!!! I am including a cute picture and video of her below.

We love her smile!

She has really been cooing a lot more and being more expressive!!! This video was from last Thursday when she turned 11 weeks old. It's hard to believe she is that old already!!!

Coop Delivery Preparation...

This past Thursday was delivery day for the "Oklahoma City Food Coop" that we sell our eggs to. Our chickens have started laying very well. Our new egg record for one day is 175!!! This month was our biggest delivery month yet. We sold 270 dozen eggs!!!

We all have different responsibilities that we carry out and help one another with. I do the greater part of coop delivery preparation which includes: cutting the labels for each carton, gluing them on, packaging the cartons and loading the coolers. The couple of days leading up to delivery day are pretty busy with preparation.

Sienna cleaned up dinner.

Sabrina packaging some of our eggs.

Our egg storage refrigerators are in the laundry room. Here I am doing our monthly deliver preparation. There was quite a lot to do this month, but I enjoy the job!

A Family Field Trip

Last Monday, our family took a trip down to Oklahoma City. We went on a field trip to the "Oklahoma
History Museum", ran a few errands and got dinner at "P.F. Chang's". We had a great day!!!

The museum was a lot of fun! There is so much to see and learn and we are looking forward to going back again sometime. Regrettably, I was having so much fun that I forgot to take many pictures!!! I'll try to take more next time. :)

Outside of the "Oklahoma History Museum".

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Shenandoah Remembrance

One Month Old -January 4th

Two Months Old -February 4th

She is growing so fast!!!


The Cochran Kids

Mommy and Shenandoah

Daddy explaining some flying tactics to us around the dinner table.

Making collages

Sayer's one-eyed smile!

The Flu...

Our family just recently got over struggling with the flu. Awful headaches, high fevers, nausea, lingering coughs and runny noses. That was our story for about three weeks. Daddy was the only one that didn't get sick. Thankfully, we are all well now (it feels so great!:)

(These pictures are from about the first week and 1/2 of the sickness.)

The well ones playing with play-dough.






Seth - The poor little guy was such a big help taking care of everything while the sick ones were out of commission. He was the last one to catch it and kept up such a positive attiude.

Seth's 6th Birthday

January 21st was Seth's 6th birthday!!! He had a "Pendragon: Sword of His Father" birthday (can you guess what we did?! :) Unfortunately, mommy and Sabrina were sick with the flu. But, other than that he had a great day. Seth is a very special part of our family and growing into such a wonderful young man. We love you Seth!!!


The sign speaks for itself :)

Getting ready to open presents...

Seth's "Strawberry Pendragon Castle Cake"! (It was a lot of fun to make :)

Saying his birthday prayer...

Blowing out the candles!!!

Daddy and Seth by his birthday countdown sign.