Friday, September 21, 2012

A New Hat For The Hat Boy...

This is really part two of a story that doesn't have a part one on the blog yet!!  While we were in Paris (pictures to come in the hopefully somewhat near future) Seth lost is hat - a big gust of wind blew it into the Seine River.  Besides the distress of losing a hat (as he always has one on his head - except for when we eat or he is in the shower), it happened to be his very special hat that he got at a bizare in Germany.  Ms. Patty was so nice and surprised him with one that she found when they went to London which he likes very much.  It's a little big yet though, but the good thing is that he'll have one to grow into.  Anyway, we looked and daddy looked too for another one like it before we left, but to no avail.

A couple weeks after daddy got back, daddy and mommy were shopping in the city and daddy found Seth a hat that is almost identical to the one he lost!!!  My parents got home late, but found Seth still awake, so Daddy gave him the hat then.  Seth was so happy.  I'll let the pictures tell the story...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Time At The Ahlgren's - July 22nd, 2012

It's always a fun time of fellowship with the Ahlgren's!!  They've joked about it before, but it really is true - they are "all-grins" - so joyful in the Lord!! :)

 Visiting together.

 Katelyn showed us how she made this adorable dress for Lilian out of one of David's old shirts!

Keith is the sweetest little guy - and growing so fast too!!!

I wish I would have gotten more pictures from our time there, but I guess I was having too much fun!!  I didn't participate in the tour of the outside (too much heat for my POTS), but the rest of my family really enjoyed seeing all of the work they've done on their farm and with their garden.  They've got an awesome set up!!!

We love you guys!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Weekend With The Ford's - July 20th-21st, 2012

We sure had a great time with the Ford family when they spent a weekend of fellowship with us!!  It was great to get some good visiting in after our time away in Germany.  Enjoy the pictures!!

 Dinner the first night.

 Time together.

 One of the creations from the day.

 The men working outside on day two.

 I had some research to do for daddy which included gathering some pictures from our time in Europe.  Ariel and I had fun looking through some of them together.

 Playing "Tally-Ho!"


 In the kitchen.

 The lunch line.

 Our neighbors gave us a HUGE cantaloupe!!!

 They also gave us these outstanding red hot cinnamon pickles!! :)

 The boys enjoyed building legos with Christian and Elijah.

 We all got Cherry Berry!!!

 We had divided up into girls and guys (since we don't all fit in one car!).

 The men were ahead of us and we decided to have an under control race. :)

 They're the white car way up there.

 Getting closer.



 We passed them up!!  It ended up almost being a tie, but they beat us to church the next day!!! :)

 Looking at grab and go bag items.

Playing kemps!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fellowship With The Evans Family - July 18th, 2012

We were very happy to be able to have an evening of fellowship with the Evans family!!  They were getting ready to head to Zambia to be a part of missionary work there (we just got word the other day that they are doing well!).  We are thankful for the opportunity we had to visit with them before they left.  You can read more about their family here.

 Josie, Stasia, Sienna, and Jeanna.
Jeanna and Josie let the girls try on their traditional Zambian skirts.

 Daddy and Mr. Evans were able to fix our dryer - YAY!!!
(You may remember that it broke while Hannah was visiting!).

 The children enjoying some time together.

 Stasia and Jaymeson

 It was so neat to see a slideshow of the work they will be doing and where they will be living.

 Sabrina and Joel - he is the cutest little guy!!!

The Evans Family

We're so thankful we were able to visit with you all!!  God bless you and we look forward to staying in touch!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Day At The Sawyer's - July 17th, 2012

Mr. Sawyer had a heart attack the middle of July.  We praise the Lord for His protection and that Mr. Sawyer is doing much better now!!  One day while he was in the hospital, we drove down to spend some time with the Sawyer kids while their parents were at the hospital.  Though we wish it was for different circumstances, it was nice to be able to fellowship with them!

Slip 'n' Slide!!

My brothers - swimming trunks with belts!!! :)

Watching the proceedings from the cool of the house. :)

Pink lemonade!!

Sienna and Susanna got it all ready.

Mommy helped the kids fill and then play water balloons!!


When we were getting ready to leave, we discovered we had a very flat tire (which I failed to get a picture of).  Mr. Fleshman and Dylan were such a blessing to come and change it for us!!  

Isn't it amazing how such a little thing can cause such a big problem?  This can apply to many other things besides tires...

We were watching the proceedings.

A shadow shot!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Until We Meet Again...

Many of you may remember the post I did several months ago asking for prayer for our cousin Becky who was fighting a battle with cancer.  Thank you for your prayers.  The Lord answered those prayers a couple of weeks ago by calling cousin Becky home to be with Him.

Though all who loved her are grieving her loss, we also rejoice, like she did before she died, that she is with her Savior and enduring no more pain, but is safe in His arms and singing His praises forever.  She "knew Whom she believed and was persuaded that He was able to keep that which she had committed to Him until that Day." (2 Tim. 1:12)

We are so thankful for the time we had to get to know cousin Becky and her husband, Rod, last summer.  What an amazing example of how we don't know what a year will bring forth.  We were looking forward to many more times of fellowship with both of them, but we look forward to the day that we can all be together again in Heaven.

I wanted to share the email that cousin Rod sent out:

"Dear friends,
This morning about 5 AM Becky got a call from a very good friend that her new home was finally ready for her. He promised that she would find a lot of friends and relatives and her Mom. He guaranteed that she would have no more pain, that her tears would dry up and she could sing in a choir where everyone knew the words, sang in tune, the tempo would be upbeat and special robes would be provided. Of course, that friend was Jesus whom Becky has loved and served for most of her life. I continue to covet your prayers, friendship and love as I adjust to living without my best friend of more than 41 years. Rod"

Please continue to keep Rod in your prayers and all of her friends and family as Becky was much loved and will be dearly missed.

All of us together - Summer 2011