Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Saturday April 28th

We celebrated my birthday (or part of it!) one day early this year since we were going on vacation for my birthday. We had a busy but very enjoyable day getting everything packed and ready to go and celebrating!!!

The Cochran kids gathered in the gathering room.

Opening my presents.

Sienna and I

Stasia and I

Sayer and I

Seth and I

Sabrina and I

The 4th Crown and Covenant book!!! Yea!!!

I was very excited when daddy and mommy gave me my own sewing machine and case to go with it!!! I can't wait to put it to good use!!!

Sabrina getting ready to carry my cake over.

Say a prayer...

Blow out the candles!!!

All of us enjoying my birthday cake!

Savannah's 15th Birthday and Our Fun Family Trip To Branson

Howdy everyone! On April 29th I turned 15. I had a wonderful birthday!!! Special thanks to my wonderful family for making it such a great day. We were very happy to be able to go to Branson, MO as a family on vacation while our good friends the Ockers looked after our home and animals for us. We had a wonderful time and here are the pictures from our trip!!! Happy Trails.

Sunday, we got a bright and early start. It was nice and sunny. We had a very enjoyable drive doing family worship and just hanging out!

Daddy and I by the countdown birthday board that he did for me.

All of us by my birthday sign.

We had a fun picnic lunch.

When we arrived at our campsite, us kids played at the playground while daddy set up camp.

Stasia having fun on the slide!

For my birthday dinner, daddy and mommy took us out to "Famous Daves" BBQ. We enjoyed it very much!!!

Our waiter brought me out a surprise birthday sundae. It was very good and we all enjoyed sharing it!!!

Sayer enjoying his share of my birthday sundae!!!

The Cochran Clan standing outside "Famous Daves" BBQ. If you're ever in Branson, be sure to eat there. They have delicious BBQ!

I had a wonderful Birthday!!!

Monday we went to a couple IMAX shows and had a wonderful time sight seeing.

The Cochran clan standing by a rather large gorrila!

The Cochran Clan enjoying a beautiful display of fountains down on the Branson landing.

Us kids standing in front of a huge fish tank at the Bass Pro shop.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Tuesday May 1st at "The Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum and Happy Trails Theater"

We had a wonderful time at the Museum and Happy Trails Theater. It is a great place and definitely one of our favorite parts of the trip!!!

There is a bigger than life size statue of Trigger in the parking lot.

Roy Rogers Jr., "The High Riders" and "Mr. Red" have an outstanding show. We really enjoyed it!!!

Getting set for the show!!!

"Mr. Red"

Roy Rogers Jr. and "The High Riders" performing.

Us kids with Roy Rogers Jr.

Us kids with "The High Riders" Roy Rogers Jr.'s singing group.

Us kids with "Mr. Red" Roy Rogers Jr.'s sidekick.

There are exibits honoring the three children that Roy and Dale lost. They had 9 children altogether.

Robin, Roy and Dale's only biological daughter who had downs syndrome, died from complications of the measels shortly before her second birthday.

Debbie, the korean orphan girl Roy and Dale adopted, was killed in a church bus accident.

Sandy, the Kentucky orphan boy Roy and Dale adopted, choked to death while over seas in the service.

Roy Roger's singing group the original "Sons of the Pioneers".

The Rogers' family table.

Trigger Jr. and Buttermilk

Trigger "The Smartest Horse in the Movies" and Bullet "Roy's Wonder Dog".

Roy and Dale's gun collection.

Roy Rogers' first gun holster.

One of Dale Evans' gun holsters.

Roy and Dale's parade car. You can't see as well in the picture, but the handles are made out of six shooters!!!

The truck that Roy Rogers (at the time Leonard Slye) and his family moved west in.

Pat's Jeep Nellybelle

Roy and Dale's boot collection.

Some of Roy and Dale's guitars and...

more guitars!!!

Sabrina and Sienna

Roy and Dale's hand and foot prints.

An exibit honoring several of Roy's sidekicks.

The Cochran Clan

The "King of the Cowboys" and the "Queen of the West".

Happy Trails Partners!

Tuesday evening, we enjoyed a delicious chuckwagon dinner and a wonderful performance from the Sons of the Pioneers.

All of us cowboys and cowgirls waiting for dinner.

Dishing up a good old chuckwagon meal.

The Sons of the Pioneers

Seth in his the bunk bed in the trailer.

The playground accross form our campsite.


Our campsite.

Daddy taking down the patio room.

Hey Sayer!!! Do you feel ejected, rejected and dejected?

Us kids enjoying breakfast at the campsite before heading home. We enjoyed a nice sprinkle of rain!