Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Visit From the Vaughan Family

Last weekend we had a delightful visit from the Vaughan family. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Thursday Evening

Gathered around for family worship.

Seth practicing his bugle.


The finished (or almost finished) product of the wedgit "X-Orbiter" tower Ashley, Zach and Savannah built.

Sayer and Ashley

Saturday after dinner, we enjoyed a bonfire!

Allie roasting her marshmallow.

Fixing the s'mores.

Allie and Stasia enjoying their smores and watching the fire.

Abigail and Sienna


Amanda, Sabrina and Seth enjoying a board game while eating breakfast at one end of the table and...

Abigail, Sienna and Stasia enjoying a game of "Tally Ho!" and "Gopher It" at the other end.

Anna Marie

Working on the Jamestown 400 Treasure Hunt.

Mrs. Vaughan and Mommy

Daddy and Mr. Vaughan enjoying discussion.

All of the younger children enjoyed playing on the swing set.

Sabrina and Amanda

Savannah and Ashley

The Daddies being silly!

The Cochran and Vaughan Families. Thank you so much for coming. We had a great time with you all!!!

Our Trip to Kansas City April 13-15

This weekend we went to Kansas City and had a wonderful time visiting with our relatives.

We stayed with Uncle Joe, Aunt Teresa and our cousins. What a fun time we had with them!

Daddy, Uncle Joe, Savannah, Jacob and Seth

Sabarina, Sayer, Sienna, McKenna and Stasia enjoying the delicious dinner that Aunt Teresa made.

Uncle Joe holding Sienna and Stasia

We all enjoyed a pizza lunch with Grandpa at the nursing home.

Sabrina helping Grandpa.

Sienna and McKenna enjoying their pizza.

Mommy and Grandpa (her father)

Sabrina, Savannah, Grandpa and Sienna. We love you!

After spending the night with Grandma and Grandpa (daddy's parents) last night, we enjoyed fellowshipping with them today before heading home.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's A Boy!!! April 8th

We were very blessed to be able to go see the Ockers new baby boy!!! William was born early this morning. Mrs. Ocker and William are doing great!

William, the Ockers newest blessing. How precious!!!

Sarah and new baby brother William.

Mr.Ocker and Daddy

Sabrina holding William.

Mrs. Ocker, Mommy and William

The Ocker and Cochran clan

Working around the house and property April 2-7

Daddy took off work this week and we did a lot of things around the house and property. We didn't get pictures of everything we did, but here are a few of the things we worked on.

Sayer helping daddy.

Daddy and Sayer fixing the door knobs.

Sabrina, Sienna, Stasia, Seth and Sayer playing "choo choo train" down the slide.

Daddy building a chicken tracter.

Sabrina planting her garden.

"Sweet Sabrina's Garden"

Daddy cutting the wood for the shelves that he built in my sisters and my room. The shelves turned out great!!!

Snow in April (on the 6th)!!! We didn't get very much though.

A Weekend of Fellowship March 31-April 1

Saturday our dear friends, the Pentimones came and spent the night with us. They stayed for church and more fellowship the next day. We all had a great time!!!

Enjoying a game of tag Saturday evening.

The food line Sunday.

Miss Ellia Pentimone. What a cutie!!!

Seth and Sayer

Sarah, Savannah, Amy and Brittney

Mrs. Ocker and Mrs. Pentimone

Sabrina, Abby, Bethany and Sherrod

Mrs. Blevins and Mrs. Southerland

The men fellowshipping.