Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Last 4 1/2 Months - A Mother's View

Well, I can safely say that this is the first blog post I've ever done!  I read them, but Savannah is our fabulous blogger girl!!

Ok - the last 4 1/2 months and why there weren't many posts - here it goes:

We have had the opportunity to experience male goat escapes (times three!!), a new transmission in the van (our other vehicle also wanted attention so broke down less than a month later!), a failed root canal, oral surgery, the flu, bronchitis, another with bronchitis, pneumonia, double pneumonia, a second round of flu, four emergency room trips, doctor appointments, more doctor appointments, blood work, more blood work, then additional blood work (!), a CAT scan, a MRI, a trip to the neurologist (did you know that you can have stroke like symptoms and the cause be something called a no pain classic migraine?!), several trips to the cardiologist (additionally, did you know that you can have a malfunctioning autonomic nervous system disguised as a heart issue - praise the Lord it wasn't!), head to toe poison ivy (ok maybe not literally head to toe, but definitely armpit to ankle - and I have the scars to prove it!!), an allergic reaction to a hornet sting, the stomach flu (thankfully Phill didn't get it, but he was sure exhausted after working all day with the Air Force then coming home and taking care of us for several days along with animal chores including milking - and the goat doesn't like him!!), various summer colds and finally anther oral surgery, this time to remove wisdom teeth (go Savannah!!).

On the property we moved the chickens to the back 2 1/2 acres along with the goats and the dogs.  We built a separate goat yard for the male goats - they escaped - so we moved them back to the front area while awaiting repairs to the fence where, yes of course, they escaped.  Unfortunately they escaped into the orchard where Phill had recently planted 40 grapevines, 70 elderberry bushes and 30 blueberries.  This occurred on a Sunday and I happened to be home with pneumonia.  Thankfully our neighbor saw the goats, called and I raced down the hill through the goat yard and into the orchard.  Once there I attempted to chase out five stubborn male goats that didn't want to be chased out because of their new found love of grapevines!!  After 45 minutes, the help of two neighbor kids and the destruction of  several grapevines the goats were safely back where they were suppose to be.  As for me, I made it back up the hill and to the house where I collapsed.  A few days later I developed double pneumonia - I should have just shot the goats!!

Additionally, we managed to work in a few projects  between occurrences in the above two paragraphs they were garden planting, retaining wall building, decking and deck repairs, deck sealing, sink hole repairs, bricking, septic repairs, privacy fence building, goat fence repairs, hay hauling, feed hauling, chicken coop cleaning, goat area cleaning, landscaping, back yard redesigning, raised bed making, tree trimming,  branch hauling, wood burning, bee hive frame making, trenching (over 1 1/2 acres - big project!!), electrical running, water line running, turning a small tier from a hill into a level spot to fit a 25' round above ground pool (we don't believe in doing anything the easy way apparently!).  The hill leveling and pool setting up were finally accomplished the first week of August.  Unfortunately, the children were only able to swim a few times because of the first paragraph(!) - there's always next year - Lord willing!

On the lighter side we have had a bountiful fruit harvest this year.  We've harvested apricots, plums, peaches, sand plums, apples and getting ready to harvest pears (that is if we can keep everyone out of the ER and doctors offices!!)  We canned close to 500 jars of jams, jellies, fruit, apple juice and syrup - all made with honey.  We also harvested our largest potato crop ever - well, at least this year we harvested more than we planted!! Phill and Savannah also harvested over 170 pounds of honey - how exciting (I stay away from her bees - yes it was me with the allergic reaction - not only was my hand twice its normal size but had beautiful shades of red, black, green and purple!)  We also had the blessing of triplet kids ... but they were all male (not what you want when you have milkers!)  Well, it looks like we'll have the blessing of goat meat next month!!

The children have also been very busy with all their school work and catch up school work. (Savannah has actually almost completed a whole year of school in just over 3 months - she's amazing!)

We also have had the blessing of company, christian fellowship and help on the property (thank you Joshua!)  We are so thankful for our children and their hard work.  It is wonderful seeing them working along side their father and I.  I'm am very blessed with a husband that is a diligent hard worker not only with the AF, but also on the property and with the church.  In the midst of the work we have also enjoyed the fellowship of our family - playing aggravation, telling stories, playing chase, reading together, playing upset the fruit basket and just being together.

Well,  in closing, we do have a few projects left before winter hits - we'll see what we can do.  One thing is for sure, we think that with all the illness we've had this year that our immune systems should be all set and ready for cold and flu season and that we should sail right through it unaffected!!  I think that sounds reasonable.  What do you think?  We'll have to let you know how that works out!!


Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Wow~ Savannah is amazing! How did she do that much in three months?

By the way- who did post this?

We are glad to hear from you all again!

~Shiloh for the Family :)

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Oh~ I figured it out. :) I guess I never really looked at the title!


Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Well, with all going on... I noticed one missing element... CHOCOLATE!! How did you get by without it???
God Bless you all,
Cindy for the Strangs