Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our Trip Out...

...was a little stressful, crazy, and exhausting, but it was good too!!  We're very thankful for the Lord's protection and provision and bringing us safely here.  Thank you to everyone for their prayers.  What a blessing!  Well, since it is just Thursday and we only got here yesterday, you should be impressed that I'm posting so soon. :)  I think I've almost broken a record!!  Ha ha...  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures!!


We prepare to embark in a VERY stuffed van...

The back

Yay!  Here we go!

On the way out of town, the "O's" took us out to Cherry Berry for Seth's birthday!  Thank you guys!

 Seth got a new army lego set

"O" and Cochran kids picture

We were supposed to make it to Arkansas that night, but the Lord had other plans.  Providentially, we ended up needing new tires (daddy had just put new ones on 8 months ago!) and by the time we got them, it was late, so we ended up staying the night with the "O's".

 Who doesn't belong in this picture?!  Knox is so cute!

 The "O's" had a sign up for Seth

Checking the route

I got to drive some!

Crossing the Mississippi River

(you can barely see the sign in the distance)

An all important stop...

It was a long day...

...but we had fun songs to keep us awake and a story on CD read by Victoria Botkin called "A Bride Goes West."

 The kids were enthralled by the pancake maker at the hotel we stayed in

 Sabrina and Shenandoah

 Mommy and Sienna

Appalachian Mountains - here We Come!!!

 For lunch we ate in Lexington VA at the "Joyful Heart Cafe"

 Ready to eat!

 I think Shenandoah enjoyed her food

Sayer and Seth

 Stasia, Seth, Sayer, and Shenandoah

We were able to see Stonewall Jackson's grave site - that was so neat!

 Graves over looking Lexington

This was an interesting marker

 This is the original site of General Jackson's grave

 This is the church where he taught Sunday school

 Lexington is such a pretty and quaint little town


More countryside

Finally a patch of blue sky

Foggy again

We saw a lot of this (road, mountains, etc.)

 That night we stayed with some old friends that mommy and daddy knew before I was born!

 They had a gerbil that the kids were very interested in

 Nelson and the gerbil

They got to give it a treat

 They acquired a stray dog...

 ...and Nathan and Adrian decided to give it a bath!

The dog certainly needed it!

Much cleaner!!

They found the dog's owner the next morning

 Ms. Kristi is a nurse and was able to take mommy's stitches out from the cyst she had removed last week

Was crazy!!!  After getting around that morning and visiting with our friends, we had quite the adventure!  Between dropping our van off at long term parking at a base about a 1/2 hour away from the airport (getting on the base was a challenge in itself because every gate we tried was closed!  Finally someone helped us), renting a van and switching all of our luggage over, going to the airport and finding a place to park, barely making it for the space a call only to find out that they had plenty of room and they weren't doing one and also finding out that the flight was leaving much earlier than we thought!, racing through the airport, unloading the luggage, dropping off the rental van, barely getting our bags checked in time, being almost the last ones to go through security, and then only having about three minutes to spare before boarding!  Wow!  We were looking forward to the 8 hour flight!!! :)  We are thankful for the Lord's grace though as we certainly couldn't have done this without Him and He answered our prayers by letting us get on a flight on Tuesday!

Ms. Kristi, Ms. Gayle (another old friend who brought breakfast that morning), and Mommy

 Hey! Mommy actually taught Ms. Gayle something on the iPhone!!
(neither one of them are very good with electronics :)


 The kids had a lot of fun with their dogs!  Aren't they funny?!

 Through the airport

 Boarding the plane - yay!!!
This was the first time Sienna down had flown - they were excited!!

 Sayer and Stasia

 Sabrina and Seth


 They served dinner at about 10:30 - it was so good to eat!!  We hadn't eaten lunch or dinner that day because we were too crazy!

 Above the clouds

It's still hard getting used to the time difference
We landed at 4:30 in the morning our time, but it was 10:30 Germany time!

Breakfast right before landing
(Sayer got to switch with Stasia to see the landing)

 Germany from the air

Daddy picked us up - it was so good to see him again!!!

Cheers (goodbye in German) for the night then! Next up (hopefully tomorrow) will be a post about our first couple of days here...



The Cole Family said...

I love the last picture!! I bet you guys were so glad to see your dad! I bet he was glad to see you too. Ellen, you sure are brave to make that drive! I am so thankful God prepared the way for you.

How long do you get to stay in Germany?

The Cole's

Sending Out Arrows said...

I'm so glad you all made it safe! It was so fun to read of your travels because we quizzed Mommy with a hundred questions everytime she got off the phone with your mother!
I have so much to tell you already! From kids to puppies...:)
I already miss you!

Kayla B said...

I'm so glad to hear that y'all made it safely and had a good trip! I look forward to seeing your updates!
<3 KB

Veronica said...

So glad you all got there safely!
DId you all catch your hop in NJ? Lexington is only about 2 hours from us!

Lisa said...

I'm so glad you all made it safely!!! Love you guys! Tell everyone "hi" from us!

amy said...

Thanks so much for this post, Savannah! It was great to hear about how you all's travels went. I'm so thankful you made it there safely!

Enjoy Germany!! :-)

sarina said...

I stumbled accross your blog and wanted to wish you the best of luck on your deployment to Germany. I spent 4 years there at Patch Barracks (Vaihingen) in the early 80's and this will be an experience that your children will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Cochran Family said...

Thank you everyone!

Sarina- thank you for the comment too! We're looking forward to our time over here as well!