Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Cochran Family Bonfire Monday March 12th

The weekend before, our family (with some help from some friends), cleared out our south woods. We got a lot of it cleared out and can actually walk in them now! Monday, we decided what better way to burn the brush piles that we had cleared out then to have a family bonfire? We had a great time together as a family talking, roasting hotdogs and singing hymes!

Daddy hauling wood.

Sabrina helping out.

Daddy chipping wood with his new "farm implement".

Daddy and I (Savannah)

Precious Brothers

Sienna, Stasia and Seth climbing the brush pile. One of their all-time favorite things to do!

Watching the fire get started

Sabrina roasting hotdogs

Daddy stirring the fire

Sayer Stonewall and his great smile!

The Cochran Kids

Friday, March 2, 2007

Cochran Family News

Well, it's been quite awhile since we posted something new (once we get better at bloging, we want to post more often!). So, here is an update!!!

We are doing well. The weather has been quite nice. Sunny and the temperature has been a lot warmer then it had been.

Our chickens, who had not been laying very much because of the cold, have finally started laying more. Yesterday, we got 13 eggs when we had only been getting 4-6 for a while! Speaking of chickens, we now have 30 chickens and 3 roosters!!! Some friends of ours who are moving could not keep all of their animals, so they gave us some chickens, one rooster, one big watch dog and one cat. Pansy, our new watch dog, is so sweet. She is very protective and won't even let our other puppies jump on us or lick us! It took the dogs a little while to get used to each other but, they are getting along great now.

Last night, mommy heard a lot of commotion outside with the dogs barking and going crazy. When she opened the front door to look outside, she could smell a skunk and the dogs were down by the chicken coop. Sure enough, when I went down to feed the chickens this morning, there was a dead skunk right there on the ground. Our good watch dog, Pansy, must have gotten it. Poor Pansy, one thing is certain, she needs a good bath!!!

We've been working on plans for our gardens that we are going to plant sometime soon. Sabrina hopes to grow a giant tomato and I'm going to try growing a giant pumpkin!!! So, we'll see how they turn out.

Sayer has just started joining in singing with us at church and during family worship. He is so sweet. He doesn't have the words down, but he does pretty good with the tune! We are enjoying watching his voabulary develope more and more.

I think that's just about all that's been going on around here. We are all looking forward to getting a goat next month. This weekend, we plan on working on the goat fence. Hopefully, it will come right along.
Happy Trails, Savannah for the Cochran Family