Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mr. Oren Lee Peters

A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to go to the Thomas's house to listen to Mr. Oren Lee Peters, a WWII veteran, tell his story.  What a wonderful experience!  We are so thankful for his willingness to share with us.  We have so much to be thankful for  - thank you for fighting for our country!

 Mr. Oren Lee Peters


 Talking with him afterwards - Sayer was especially excited to hear that he flew in a B-17! :)

 All of us (minus Shenandoah who was asleep on the floor!) with Mr. Peters

I really enjoyed listening to more of his stories afterwards.  It was wonderful being able to visit with him.
Mr. Peters told the story of each of his medals to us. 

 I have some videos I wanted to upload too, by our blog isn't wanting to do video.  I'll have to try again another time!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Misc. August "Stuff"

 Sabrina making crackers - YUM!!!  Thank you to Hannah and Lily for inspiring us!

 Daddy, Mommy, and Shenandoah

 The Arnette family came for dinner

 The boys playing Air Force with Lily

Stasia, Hannah and I had fun crocheting together!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A "Blessed Talent" Night

A few weeks ago, we had a "Blessed Talent" night and a wonderful evening of fellowship with Joshua, Hannah, and Lily and the Bender family.  It was great!!

 The Harris' brought us the beautiful flowers!

 Hannah and I cutting (or rather scooping) watermelon.  Thank you Benders for bringing it - it was delicious!!!

 Corinne and Lily


 Sabrina and Tabitha

 Julia and Sienna

 Getting ready to start - Thaddeus loves "b"-balls"!!! :)

 Stasia did a lovely poem "Being Thankful"

 Benjamin recited the Mayflower Compact

 Hannah read a lovely poem that she wrote for the mothers

 Even Shenandoah did something!!!  She recited Genesis 1:1

 Seth recited Psalm 100 and a poem "Mice"

 Tabitha is crawling!

 Julia played "Take My Life and Let It Be"

 Lily gave drawing demonstrations on how to draw faces
(Sabrina held the board)


More progress

Lily does a great job!

Sayer recited Psalm 23 and a poem "The Sunbeam"

Levi sang a memory verse and then led all of us in singing Micah 6:8

Sienna recited "If Jesus Came to Your House"

Mr. and Mrs. Bender recited a Psalm together

Sabrina played "Moonlight Sonata"

Joshua and Levi

Hannah and Tabitha

Watching the proceedings

Joshua sang while Hannah accompanied him

Daddy surprised us by memorizing "Casey at the Bat"


More captivation

Enjoying the delicious pudding that the Harris' brought!

It was a great evening of fellowship

I was a second too late in getting a picture of daddy and Benjamin playing the piano.  When I asked them to pose for me again, this is what I got!!  Ha ha...

All tuckered out

The Benders ended up staying the night!  Here are a couple pictures from the next morning
Seth and Tabitha

The parents

Reading books together - isn't that cute?!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our Last Market Day

We're thankful for the experience of our local farmers market this year, but we have decided to not participate anymore in order to be able to devote more time to other things.  Here are a few pictures from our last market day.



The girls with some friends of ours who also do market

Our tables

There were quite a few vendors that day!

As a special treat, daddy took us to Cherry Berry afterwards!