Friday, June 29, 2007

My Poem: Jamestown For Children

This is the poem that I (with joint effort from Daddy and Mommy) wrote. I entered it into the Jamestown Poetry contest and won the children's category!!! We were very excited!!!

Jamestown For Children

Jamestown is important, but why is it so?
Take this journey with me and you’ll find out below.

God in His providence sent by the sea,
Englishmen to this land from the Virginia Company.

The men had a purpose – a mission to fulfill,
to establish a colony and spread the gospel – God’s will.

Years before Richard Hakluyt - God’s chosen man,
had the vision to spread the Gospel in this far away land.

A mosquito ridden swamp just happened to be,
selected in God’s providence to birth our nation you see.

Through troubles and trials the Lord was their guide.
They trusted in Him their needs to provide.

God used imperfect men like Captain John Smith.
The colonial people he guided and helped to equip.

A land of many firsts was this new colony.
Some say it’s not important, the truth they don’t see.

The first permanent English settlement was Jamestown it’s true.
By God’s mighty hand protestant worship there grew.

This was the site of America’s first church,
as well as discipling the first Indian convert.

The princess Pocahontas soon was baptized.
She trusted in the Lord, her Savior and Guide.

John Rolfe and Pocahontas - the first marriage in Jamestown,
their hearts before God together were bound.

In addition to these firsts an enduring legacy was birthed,
the basis for our legal system was built on God’s Word.

The colony of Jamestown through God’s revelation,
had Christ at the center – He was the foundation.

We must work hard - our Godly heritage to repair,
or we’ll soon find ourselves in ruin and despair.

This now is the end of our Jamestown story.
Let us give praise to our LORD – To Him be the glory!

By Savannah Cochran

Jamestown 400!!! Our Trip to Jamestown Sunday and Monday June 10th-11th

Sunday marked the start of a great week and a half and a once in a lifetime experience. Sunday we drove 17 and 1/2 hours!!! Thankfully, Monday was only an eight hour drive. We had a great (but quick) trip out to Virginia and such a wonderful week there!!! We are very thankful that we were able to go. I've tried to do an overview of each of the days we were gone. I hope you enjoy the pictures of our trip!!!

Sayer in the car on Sunday.

Monday Night

The Cochran Gentlemen

The Cochran Ladies

Daddy and Sienna getting ready for Monday opening night.

Note: We don't have any pictures of Tuesday because we were in the Jamestown 400 Treasure Hunt and they didn't allow us to take any. We had a good (but sometime stressful!) day trying to solve clues. Though we put forth a valient effort, we were eliminated Wednesday with about 33 other sleuths. I still can't believe the hunt is over. It started 8 months ago and was so much fun!!! We learned a lot and will never forget it!!!

Wednesday in Jamestown June 13th

Wednesday, we went on a tour in Jamestown. We had a great day!!!

Col. John Eidsmoe. We enjoyed his tour very much!

My siblings and I by the Pocahontas statue.

All of us with a Jamestown Tour guide. We talked with this gentlemen for a few minutes. He was a very nice man and a WWII vet.

Sabrina, Sienna and Seth

Sienna inspecting the graves. "Is That the person's hand?!" (She really said that!)

Wednesday evening, we went to a very neat Colonial Restraunt in Colonial Williamsburg. The waiters and waitresses wore colonial outfits and the food was good!

Waiting for our food.

These two men played 17th century music on the mandolins.

The ducks and squirrels (we don't have a picture of the squirrels) got very close to us!!! It was fun watching them.

In Jamestown and on the James River Thursday June 14th

The swamps of Jamestown

Dr. Paul Jehle

Daddy reading the insription on the Reverend Hunt memorial.

Us with Dr. Paul Jehle. We really enjoyed our tour with him. He did a great job.

The Reverend Robert Hunt memorial

This is the site that the archaeologists are currently excavating. The crosses mark some of the graves that they have discovered.

A Civil War Battle was fought here. These are the Confederate earthworks that were erected during the battle.

"A tribute to the heroism of our English ancestors at Jamestown Virginia."

This is the plaque that sits in front of the Magna Charta Tree.

The "Magna Charta Tree"

Here we are under the "Magna Charta Tree".

The cross on Jamestown Island

This is the base of the cross

The Jamestown Church

Walls of the Jamestown Fort.

Here are some of the monuments from inside the Jamestown Church.

"In Memory of Thomas West"

"Captain John Smith"

The Tercentenary Monument

Following are pictures of the four side of the Tercentenary Monument

Thursday afternoon, we went on a boat tour down the James River. It was a lot of fun!

The boat ride tour guide, Steven Smith. He did a good job.

On the boat

There were a lot of seagulls!!!

The view out the back of the boat.

The Tercentenary Monument

A view of the Jamestown settlement from the James River.

I love the clouds! They are so pretty!!!


Enjoying the ride and the scenery.

The James River

Fort Pocahontas

At The Jamestown Quadricentinnial Friday June 15th

Friday we had a wonderful day at Fort Pocahontas. We were happy to be able to spend the day with our good friends the Southerlands (who we hadn't been able to talk to all week because of the hunt!). Here are some pictures of the day!!!

The Jamestown Children's Parade.

My sisters and I in the parade.

Daddy, Seth and Sayer

Charlie Zahm. We enjoyed his music very much!!!

Daddy and Mommy

Savannah and Sabrina

The Cochran Family. Thank you Brittney for taking the pictures!!!

Master Sayer

Fort Pocahontas

Doug Phillips at the dedication ceremony for the Jamestown Children's Memorial.

Our family watching the dedication ceremony.

Master Seth

Stasia and Justin Southerland

Eating Dinner

Friday night, there was a reenactment of the 2nd Virginia Delegates and Patrick Henry's famous speach. It was very well done!!! Here are some pictures of the reenactment.

Three (actually four!) of the Delegates pose for a picture.