Thursday, June 3, 2010

Acting Out Bible Stories

For as long as I can remember, the story of Esther has been one of my very favorites!  There are so many wonderful things to learn from her story.  We recently saw a musical of the story of Esther.  What made it so great was that it is (other than some funny stuff added in) Biblically accurate for the most part as well.  Here is a picture from Stasia, Seth, and Sayer's version of the story of Esther.
King Ahasuerus, Queen Esther and Haman

The did a really good job acting it out! :)


Lisa said...

Hi Savannah! I have had so much fun looking through all the pictures. My mom and I have been sitting here looking. It's really funny because she remembers how you all looked before you left AZ, and I really don't. So she'll say that one of the little ones looks like you and I have no idea :) But, it has been very fun to see you all.

All your little siblings are adorable...I hope you enjoy them a ton. I would give anything to have little siblings. Anything. So, love them a whole bunch!!

May God bless you and your family...and I will answer your letter at some point!


Cochran Family said...

Hi Lisa!

Thank you for your comment. It was great to hear from you!! I'm glad you've enjoyed all of the pictures!!!


amy said...

Hi Savannah!

It looks like Stasia, Seth, and Sayer were having a lot of fun acting out Esther. My family and I used to really enjoy doing that! I remember our family doing it back when I was about five! The story of Esther has always been a favorite of mine, as well!

I am really sorry for taking so long to reply to your last letter!! I hope to write you very soon!