Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Glass-Pecker?

For the past three days, this woodpecker has come to our glass doors and pecked at its reflection in the glass!!!
It is such a beautiful bird and so funny to watch!!!


Jesi said...

That is so cool, Savannah! You are right, it is a beautiful bird!!


Brittney said...

"Please let me in...You HAVE to...Come on...Just let me in! Please!!!"
- Mr. Woodpecker

Phillip said...

Ha,Ha,that is great!!! :)

~ Savannah

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful woodpecker. I have never seen one so big or with such a big tail. Here in Florida we have the small ones with red heads. Thanks for sharing that with us.
Jordin H

The Cochran's said...

I'm glad you've all enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

Hello Savannah!
That was so amusing!
Were you the one playing the piano in the background?
Tell your family hello for us!
~Jeri Beth Hardy

The Cochran's said...

No, that was not me playing the piano in the background. That was actually a CD. Although, I am learning that song on the piano right now, but I'm not that good yet! :) Hopefully sometime soon...
Tell your family hello too!
~ Savannah

Rachel Schreiber said...

That bird is not a woodpecker. It's a Roadrunner!

funny video, Savannah!