Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Are You Ready For A Giveaway?!!!!

That's right!!!  Is it a good surprise?!!!  We're going to host a giveaway and we hope that everyone will participate!!!  I'm SO excited!!! (I promise I'll slow down on the exclamation points - maybe :)!!!

Hopefully you've read all the information in my posts above (including all the plaques :) and have just learned a lot about everything to do with chocolate - we certainly did!!  So now we would like to do a little something for you, our readers.  We're so thankful for each of you and we hope you'll all participate.  So now onto what the giveaway is for...

Two different packages of chocolate that we got at the Chocolate Factory and Museum of Cologne, Germany.  Let me tell you, it is DELICIOUS (we got some for ourselves as well :).  It's healthy too - right?!  Did you notice I said two packages?  That's right - there will be two different winners!!!

The first winner will receive this package of chocolates!!!
 Does this look familiar?  These are the little chocolates that were wrapped by the wrapping machine in the post below!!

The second winner will receive this delightful package of chocolates!!!

Okay, now onto the details...

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post.  We decided to keep it simple. :)  If you're new or haven't commented before and want to tell us a little about yourself we love getting to "know" our readers, but it is NOT mandatory. :)  People without blog or google accounts are welcome to enter too.  Just select "anonymous" in the comment form, but be sure to leave your name (that way we can know who you are if you win)!! 

For an extra entry you can share about this giveaway using your favorite way of communication.  Leave a separate comment telling us that you did so!!!

The giveaway will end on Tuesday, March 20th, 2012 (obviously :) at 10:00 am CST.  So please be sure to enter before then.  All contestant names will then be placed in a special hat and Shenandoah will draw the winners!!!  Hopefully, if I can get a video to work, we'll film and then upload the video of the drawing here.  Winners will then be announced as quickly as possible afterwards (allow time for me to upload the video!! :)

So without further delay, let the fun begin and thank you in advance for participating!!!


amy said...


What a fun surprise, Savannah! How very generous of you all to have this giveaway!

I'd be delighted to enter :-) Thank you so much!!

{p.s. Thank you so much for your lovely letter, Savannah. It was such a joy to hear from you, and I look forward to reply in the near future, Lord willing!}

Daniel's Helpmeet said...

Here is a great fact about dark chocolate... It is high in flavonoids and antioxidants which makes it a great choice for those who are diabetic - in moderation of course.

CreativityStartsHere said...

Mmm... I love German chocolate. My Uncle and (Japanese) Aunt are missionaries to Germany, and when they come they'll sometimes bring German chocolate (Rittersport).


Emily Brower said...

Oh goodness, I love Lindt chocolate! What a special treat for y'all to go there! We visited Hershey Park and Chocolate World about 9 years ago, that was fun :) except it was freezing when we went!

Ok, I would love to win some chocolate. Great idea! Thanks for doing this!

P.S. Hope everyone is doing well!

CreativityStartsHere said...

Posted about it on Google+ here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/


www.texasskies.blogspot.com (my family's blog)
www.be-thou-my-vision.blogspot.com (my blog)
www.imprimis.wordpress.com (my sis's blog)
www.creationevangelismtools.org (my family's ministry

Jess said...

Great giveaway! Who doesn't LOVE chocolate?!? I have been peeping in on your family for a while now and I love the inspiration I get here to love on my family. You have been a blessing to me! Have a blessed day!

Shannon said...

What a lovely blog... it is so delightful to find another like-minded family who fears the Lord!

Chocolate...oh, how delicious!
Please enter me into your sweet giveaway!


Shannon said...

I have shared about your lovely giveaway on my "giveaway's" page...


Whiddon Family said...

Oh, I love blog giveaways! They are always so much fun. And... lindt chocolate is amazing.
Thanks, and God bless~


Rebekah said...

Ohh... Savannah, what a great idea! The chocolate sounds delicious! Enter me in!!


Gods Country Boy said...

Well howdy. M'names David. In fact, You may have heard the D's mention me when they came to visit you last june. Saw this whole thing with the chocolate and you tempted me in - I'm a sucker for good chocolate.
Check out my blog at godscountryboy.blogspot.com. Follow the fun and thanks for stoppin by!

Anonymous said...

Hello to the Cochran Family!
I have so enjoyed reading these updates! It brings back a lot of memories when I got to visit over there MANY years ago ;)
Of course, we would love to win chocolate! What a great giveaway!
Keep up the great posts. We are having fun "keeping up" with you guys!

Many Blessings,

Tom, Tina and Sam Chalfant

Lisa said...

Well, this is fun!!! I would totally love to be entered in your drawing! Our whole family is a huge fan of chocolate!!

Hope you all are doing well!

Lots of love,

Cochran Family said...

Thank you to everyone who has already entered!! We're having a lot of fun hosting this and hearing from everyone!! :)

Amy, Mrs. R., Emily, Whiddon Family, Rebekah, and Lisa - it is always a great joy to hear from you!! :)

Johanna, Jess, Shannon, and David - it's a great pleasure to "meet" you all - I'm so glad you stopped by!!

Mrs. Chalfant - It was such a joy to hear from you too!! Mommy enjoyed seeing your comment and sends her greetings as well!!

Blessings to EVERYONE!!!

~ Savannah

Anonymous said...

It is so neat that you all got to visit the Chocolate Factory and Museum there in Germany. Please enter me in the drawing... Do I need to mention that I am super jealous:) You all have a good time over there because you will remember it for the rest of your lives. Love you all and miss you...
Victoria Atherton

Veronica said...

I just jumped on this little black box to check all my blogs that I follow (only a few!lol)and of course yours is the first on my list! I have so enjoyed getting "re-connected" with you and what the family has been up to!!
I had an inkling that your surprise was going to be a give-away....but a CHOCOLATE give-away?!?!?!

Well....I'm off to read your latest post ;-)

-Veronica <3

Anonymous said...


The McKinnon family would like to enter the drawing! Lindt is one of our favorites! We enjoyed touring the Lindt factory a few years ago ourselves.

Mrs. McKinnon and the whole crew!

Sarina said...

mmmm european chocolate is so wonderful. What I remember most from my tour there was the milch brot mit buter (delicious white bread with german butter) I must have eaten pounds of it!

Sarah Elisabeth said...

Hey Savannah!

I just got a chance to come check your blog today... and boy!!! Ya'll have been having lots of adventures and getting to eat scrumptious looking foods!!!

I was going to comment above .... but.... who can resist chocolate?! So I thought I'd comment here .. just incase.... ;) I don't know if I've ever had Lindt chocolate... but perhaps, because our neighbor is German and he ALWAYS brings our family chocolate from Germany when he visits. :)
That was SO cool ya'll got to go see how the factory works!!!!! We've always wanted to go to the Hershey factory in Pennsylvania, I'm guessing all chocolate factories are similar...... :)

Well, I'll check back again!! (You are doing an amazing job at posting... I can't keep up!!)

Love you!

Bethany said...

Hi Cochran Family!

Thanks for hosting this give-away...I'd really like to enter =)

Mmm...chocolate has always been a favorite of mine!


Hannah said...

I would love to win one of these! This is such a fantastic idea!

Hannah Sawyer

Hannah said...

I blogged about your giveaway!

Hannah Sawyer

Sadie said...

Hi! My name is Sadie and I'm friends with the D's and God's Country Boy. :) I completely love chocolate and a big fan of it. I was very excited that I could enter into this giveaway!


Sadie said...

I blogged about you great giveaway!


Sadie said...

Hello Cochran Family! My name is Sadie, and I learned about your chocolate giveaway through David's, God's Country Boy, blog. It sounds yummy! And I'd love to enter.
God Bless y'all!

In Christ Jesus,

Sadie said...

I shared the link to your giveaway :)



Thanks for hosting!
In Christ Jesus,

{Grace} said...

I'm in!!!

Anonymous said...

Savannah this sounds like a really neat giveaway! Enter me in!

Lydia Sawyer

Manda said...

Wonderful giveaway!!! The chocolate would brighten my day!

Alyssa W. said...

Sounds fun and delicious!! Please enter me! :)

Lizzie said...

Oh, oh, oh! Chocolate?? :)
I'm entering! :)
~Sarah D

Lizzie said...

I'm also going to post the giveaway on my facebook account (Favorite-or maybe most convenient would be a better term for me- means of communication)
Lovely blog, btw.
~Sarah D

Rachel S. said...

Yum! I love chocolate!

Thank you for the nice letter, Savannah. Sorry I haven't written back yet... I'll try and get around to that soon!


Carissa said...

Hi Cochran Family,

Thanks for holding this giveaway. I really, really like chocolate. I would like to enter your giveaway!!


Anonymous said...

I want to enter!!!!!!!! I love chocolate and like you I love punctuation marks!!! You ca check out my blots and learn more about me by clicking on my name -:o)

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl! The Pictures From Germany are Beautiful! I'm sur it has been an adjustment; We're praying for y'all.
Oh that Chocolate looks Divine! I would love some! Obviously:)
Over n Out,
~Mary Pate Hardy~
Younger Sister To Jeri Beth

Rora Valley said...

Please enter me in! Thanks for keeping it so simple.


P.S. Thanks for y'all's thoughtful note and recipes. Blessings to your family!

Lauren said...

Who wouldn't want chocolate? Thanks for doing this giveaway, Savannah--I loved seeing your photos from the chocolate museum!

Anonymous said...

Hey Savannah!
I've really been enjoying keeping up with your family through this blog. Thanks for sharing all of y'all's adventures with the all of us.

Kayla B

P.S.-I recieved you letter last week! :)

Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Please enter me Savannah!


Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

I emailed it to some friends. :)

amy said...

Hello again :-) (And, so sorry for being quite delayed in actually making my way back here!)

I emailed friends about your giveaway!

Excited to find out the winner soon.

Hope that you all are doing well, and happy birthday, Sabrina!

Rebekah said...

Thank you for this nice giveaway! It would be nice to win! I will take a look at the chocolate museum post! Sounds so interesting!

Abigail said...


I am Rebekah's sister, Abigail. I post photos on her blog sometimes at "Heritage of Grace". It would be nice to win!

Thank you!

Jessica said...

Thank you for hosting this giveaway! I love chocolate! And I love sweets. I am also Rebekah's sister. I have a baking blog, because I really like baking. Maybe you can visit my blog someday, and if you like it, please subscribe!

Thanks for this giveaway!


Raechel said...

I don't know if I'm in time or not - but I hope so! I would love to be entered in this tasty give-away! I heard about it from Amy P. :)
In Him,

Anonymous said...


Hello dear Cochran family,

So wonderful to see you are doing well in Germany. God is good!

We're probably too late for the contest drawing, but wanted to say "Hi!" anyhow.

Thanks for your wonderful blog.
Blessings in Christ Jesus,
The Williams Family (of 8) in Indiana.

Lucia said...

What a lovely giveaway! :) My name is Lucia, and I found your blog very randomly through some friends' friends' blog. ;) I think we may know some of the same people! :)

Anyways, I would love to win, o'course! Yummy looking chocolate!



lmmorud (at) gmail (dot) com

Lucia said...

Woops! I just realized the giveaway's over! :( Sorry about that! :P