Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Cochran Family Bonfire Monday March 12th

The weekend before, our family (with some help from some friends), cleared out our south woods. We got a lot of it cleared out and can actually walk in them now! Monday, we decided what better way to burn the brush piles that we had cleared out then to have a family bonfire? We had a great time together as a family talking, roasting hotdogs and singing hymes!

Daddy hauling wood.

Sabrina helping out.

Daddy chipping wood with his new "farm implement".

Daddy and I (Savannah)

Precious Brothers

Sienna, Stasia and Seth climbing the brush pile. One of their all-time favorite things to do!

Watching the fire get started

Sabrina roasting hotdogs

Daddy stirring the fire

Sayer Stonewall and his great smile!

The Cochran Kids

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