Friday, March 28, 2008

Animal News Notes

Last weekend Daddy, Sienna and Seth went to San Antonio for a conference on "The 200 Year Plan - a Practicum on Multigenerational Faithfulness." We were all suppose to go, but our goat, Sariah, got mastitis so part of us had to stay home to take care of her and we thought it was a good idea for mommy to rest her ankle. Thankfully, Sariah seems to be getting better and we are praying that she will fully recover.

We missed Daddy and the kids, but we're thankful that they had a wonderful time. (And we had a great time at home - staying up late, eating out and having a family slumber party!!)

Yesterday, something neat happened. We got our first colored egg!!! It was green. I'll post a picture of it below comparing it with one of our white eggs.

Wedding In Alabama

Last weekend, we were blessed by the opportunity of going to the wedding of Justin Turley and Melissa Keen. It was such a beautiful wedding!!! Here are a few pictures that I took.

The Front of The Church

The Wedding Cake

I thought how they did the plates and napkins were very pretty. (The flowers were around the napkins).

Getting ready to cut the cake.

Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin play their harps. They do such a beautiful job!

Mr. and Mrs. Justin Turley

Sabrina's Birthday March 19th

Here are some pictures from Sabrina's birthday.

Sabrina feeding Fawny and Felicity with her cat Sneakers in the background.

Sabrina with her birthday decorations!

All of us enjoying Sabrina's birthday dinner of roast beef, mashed potatoes and corn.

Daddy and Sabrina by her birthday countdown sign.

Sabrina and Stasia

Sabrina and Sienna

Sabrina and Seth

Sabrina and Sayer

Sabrina and I

Looking at her new book on how to make goat milk soap.

Saying a prayer...

Blowing out the candles!!!


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cochran Family News

I can post pictures again!!! I couldn't wait until we got our computer fixed so I could post pictures of our new goat kids!!!

Things have been crazy!!! But, we are doing good. We found out a couple weeks ago that daddy has three herniated discs in his back and one ruptured disc. Daddy's pain symptoms have been improving so the doctor didn't recommend surgery at present. He is going to continue with the non-surgical treatments that he has been doing. Right now he can't lift anything heavy or stand for very long without bending over or sitting down.

Last Monday, the kids were born. But more about that below!!!

On Tuesday, mommy was switching the goats to a different location when she fell down some rock steps and fractured and sprained her ankle. She won't be able to use it for several weeks. So, we have been busy with extra responsibilities in the home and property! Things have been quite busy, but it is going good. We are getting the hang of milking and caring for the kids. Through the Lord's help, we can keep it up!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Goat Kids!!!

Last Monday (March 10th) Sariah had her kids!!! Daddy was on his way to work when he stopped down by the goat shed and heard some baby goat sounds. Sariah had the kids sometime in the wee hours of the morning! Daddy promptly came up to the house to get us. Sariah had triplets. Two girls and a boy. Unfortunately, the boy was dead when we found him. The two girls are doing great though and are very adorable! We named them Fawny (because she looks like a Fawn) and Felicity. We decided that each time we have kids it would be fun to name kids with the same letter of the alphabet.

Since this is our first time with a goat kidding, Monday was an exciting (and challenging) day trying to take care of the kids and getting used to milking! With bottle feeding the kids and getting use to milking Sariah, things have been keeping us busy, but we are really enjoying it.

For the first several days, Sariah was SO stubborn when we would try to get her on the milking stand to milk her. We were trying everything that we could possibly think of! Sariah would even lay down when she saw us coming to make it that much more difficult! Having to lift a 150 pound goat on to the milking stand is NOT easy!!! Thankfully, a neighbor girl was able to help Sabrina and I get her on the milking stand (because mommy and daddy can't right now). I am very happy to say that things are getting much better. The process of getting the goat on the milking stand has gone from 10-15 minutes to now only taking 1-2!!! We are really enjoying the fresh goats milk. It is delicious!!! I hope that you enjoy all the pictures!!!

Introducing The New Additions...

All of the Cochran kids with our new goat kids. (Please excuse my pajamas. I didn't have time to change before I went down to help!)

Fawny and I

Sabrina and Felicty

Sienna and Felicity

Stasia and Fawny

Seth and Fawny

Sayer holding Fawny

Seth, Stasia and Sienna with the goat kids

Late Night Goat Feedings...

Fawny and I

Sabrina and Felicity

Having Fun With The Camera and the Kids...

Sayer giving kisses.

They love to stay together!