Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I'm Back...

...and I'm really going to try to stay around this time before something calls me away again! :)

First of all, I DID have some posts in final draft mode just as I said in my last post.  In fact, they're still there. :)  I just didn't anticipate it taking so long to get back to them!!!

I hope this little update finds you all doing well.  2013 has gotten off to a running start for us and, as usual, we've had quite a few things happening around here.  I have a lot of posts to do from December and January, but first I'm going to hopefully finish up our posts from Europe.

Thank you, Anna, for your guess about the Thanksgiving hanging!  It was fun to hear what you thought it might be.

I'm sorry it's taken such a while to post the answer but here it is: a whale!! :)

Can you see it?  The basket is the body, the top of the yellow squash the eye, and the corn is the mouth.

This month marks six years of blogging for us!  It's amazing to see how much younger we all looked then.

Blessings to you all and hopefully you'll be seeing a little more from me. :)

~ Savannah


Flame of Jah said...

It looks like either a rabbit or a fish to me... Haha, anyway,

have a great day,


Flame of Jah said...

Oh my, I can't believe I missed it that you said what it was. I only saw your description, and thought of a rabbit of fish from that lol. So much for speed reading....

amy said...

I'm still trying to see the whale ;)

Glad you're back! Enjoying the posts!

God bless, my friend,