Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2011 Storm Spotter Training and... Our first storm of the year!!!

A couple of weeks ago, daddy, Sabrina, and I went to a storm spotter training session.  For those of you in blogger land that don't already know this (if there are any of you!) I really enjoy anything that has to do with weather and I LOVE storms!!! :)  I have been named our family's weather girl and I can usually give you any desired information along those lines.  As you can imagine, I was especially looking forward to this session and I'm so thankful it worked out for us to go.  We had a great time, learned tons of new information, and could have easily stayed and listened all night long (if the session had lasted that long!) 
...that this year will hopefully be our first year of storm spotting!!!
So now we are getting prepared and greatly anticipating the arrival of storm season.  Daddy and I (and possibly some others too) are looking forward to and hoping to be able to do a lot of storm spotting this year (safely!) - our goal - to learn a lot, gain a better understanding of how storms work, hopefully be able to send in some helpful reports and...see a tornado!  I've wanted to do this for a long time, so I'm really excited.  We'll  see how it goes and I'll be sure to keep you posted! ;)   With that said... here are a few pictures!!!

 Daddy, Sabrina, and I getting ready to go to the spotter training session

 Storm Spotter Training 2011
They brought in Mr. Rick Smith from the National Weather Service and we really enjoyed his presentation.

This past Sunday...
 We had our first storm of the season!!!  
(Even though it was to the north of us and we didn't chase it, it was still exciting! :)

 Yes, the quality of this picture isn't that great, but I couldn't resist the view from our upstairs bedroom window - it was so much better!

 First radio alarm of the year

The radar screen 
(as seen from my phone!)


Anonymous said...

Neat!! Fun to see a post about something you wrote in your letter!!


The Ahlgren Family said...

OH! How fun! I LOVE seeing a storm building! When David proposed we were on a hillside overlooking his land and there were storm clouds all around and some major ones North of where we were sitting! During his proposal the clouds broke back a little and sun came shining down on us! It was such a blessing and it just seemed like God's power and presence were there! That's why I love storms; because they remind me of how mighty our God is! I hope ya'll get to (safely) see some good storms and a tornado! Hehehe!
I guess my text to you revealed that I hadn't read your blog in a while! Ha! But I'd still love to hear more about this in person!!! :D