Thursday, October 24, 2013

Germany 2013 Week 2 - At "Home"

Here are a few of the things that we did around or near where we stayed the second week we were in Germany!

We enjoyed being able to play at the base park again - it is our favorite park. :)

Daddy played freeze tag with us and the other kids that were there as well.

Jet lag 1

Jet lag 2

Jet lag 3

Our house had three stories in it with quite the spiral staircases!!  The kids had fun using it as our laundry shoot and seeing if they could get stuff to go all the way to the bottom. :)

German countryside.

We drove up this very narrow road to explore and ended up having to back all the way down!!

German streets, buildings, and churches!

Back in our village from last year.

We drove by our old house.

Old stomping grounds.

We took a family hike up in the woods by our house.  You can't tell from the picture, but the ground was VERY steep (it got worse from here)!!!

Doey - our little adventurer. 

The boys ran ahead to see if they could find an easier way down (we did NOT want to have to go down the massive hill we just came up!!!)


They found a good place to slide down an incline which provided some good entertainment - both for the sliders and those of us who were watching!!! :)

And yes, we did find a road to walk down.

In front of the place we were staying.

You should have seen all the stuff that came out of her boot!!!  Apparently she did a little too much sliding!!! 

Yummy soup - healthy and delicious!!

We had the great pleasure of visiting our wonderful neighbors from last year.  Little Ida has really grown up!!!

We were able to show them our blog and some of the pics we had of them from last year.  I also got to experience a German keyboard - it took me by surprise when I went to type on it! :)

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