Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Our Trip To The San Antonio Independant Christian Film Festival

This trip was outstanding!!! Our family had a great time. We were able to get rooms on Randolph Air Forse Base in the TLF's (temporary lodging facility) for us and the Morris family. Enjoy the pictures!!!

Thursday Opening Night

The San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival

The Booher Brothers leading the National Anthem

The Convention Center where the Festival was held.

The San Antonio River Walk (part of it anyway!)

Daddy making coffee back at the TLF.

Seth could not go to sleep but...

Sayer was asleep in a heartbeat!


Mr. George Sarris's Bible Performances were outstanding!!!

Sayer enjoyed the Booher Brothers very much (we all did!!!). We got one of their cd's which we've enjoyed listening to and Sayer likes to come to us during the day and say "We listen to boo brovers?"


We enjoyed a popcorn break.

Sweet Sisters

Precious Brothers

Eating dinner at the food court across the riverwalk from the convention center.

Seth telling Mrs. Ringer a story. The Ringer's are such sweet people.

Sayer got all tuckered out!!!

Sunday Morning

Seth and Stasia eating breakfast.

Me (Savannah): "Sayer smile!" Sayer: "Nanny, I want muffin now!!!"


The TLF (temperary lodging facility) where we stayed. The Morris's were able to stay in the one next to ours. We were very thankful to be able to stay on the base. It worked out very well!

The kids had a fun time playing on the playground across from the TLF. Unfortuneately, Stasia was not feeling well the morning we left so, she wasn't able to play there.


This was a fantastic Trip!!!

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