Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Use Of Time

We had a wonderful time together as a family this morning discussing our use of time. Ellen has been reading "Golden Thoughts Of Mother, Home & Heaven". I shared these thoughts from Philip Doddridge regarding "the orderly distribution of our time". Doddridge relates that to make the most of our day we must:

1.) Rise early and begin it with God.
2.) We must have a plan, general and subordinate.
3.) We must undertake no more than we can reasonably expect to perform.
4.) While we should avoid voluntary hindrances; if interruptions occur, instead of wasting our time in fruitless regret, we should endeavor to improve passing circumstances.
5.) We must carefully gather up fragments. There are several intervals which, though in one day they may be inconsiserable, yet in the whole time of man's life they amount to a great deal of it.
6.) We should aim at strict punctuality in engagements.
7.) We must guard against a spirit of procrastination.
8.) To recall at night the transactions of the day and endeavor to ask what the day has done for me? Has it set me nearer heaven? Has it brought an increase of knowledge and virtue? Has it been devoted to the service of God and man or has it been spent in sloth, sensuality, or self-pleasing?


9.) Should our active powers be suspended, and a season of langour and sickness intervene, there are still duties to be performed.

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