Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Random Pictures Of The Cochran Children

Shenandoah and her car time occupation :).

Seth is such a good big brother.

Shenandoah has a great time playing with him!

Shenandoah has started sitting up (when we help her get to that position!) She really likes it!!!

Shenandoah with her new hanging toys.

Sayer and Shenandoah (Mommy got this picture of them. Isn't it great?!)

I thought this picture and the following one were really good too!

Sienna, Stasia and Shenandoah

Everyone really enjoys doing school (we like to school through the summer when it is hot and take off when it is cooler :)

Seth, Shenandoah and Sayer

Sabrina giving Stasia her first lesson in making eggs.

Sienna and Shenandoah

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