Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Work On Our Homestead

We've been doing a lot of work around our property lately. Here are a few pictures of just SOME of the things we've been doing...

Sabrina and Seth laying hay down in the planting area for weed suppression.

Sabrina and I doing eggs. This particular day we had to do 65 Dozen!!!!

Our blackberry bushes. Daddy did a lot of work in our berry bush/grape vine/garden area sorting through, organizing and proping up the different plants.

Part of our garden.

We also had the outside of our house re-painted. Here you can see our front porch with the painting essentials (ladder, paint, rag etc :)


A very small portion of the very many plants we've planted lately! We have done more planting than I can even begin to explain between all of the landscaping and gardening too!!!

The work trailer full of shovels and mulch.

Some of the trees we were planting along our driveway.

Some of the stuff we've been doing on the side of our house.

We were blessed for daddy to get some great extra help.

Daddy and Stasia on the tractor.

Here I am ironing. After switching rooms and beds around a couple of months ago, us kids got new bedding, curtains etc. I ironed it and got our rooms all set up!

Another day of eggs (thankfully, there weren't as many to do on this particular day!) and Sienna learned how to do them too!!!

Seth and Sayer working outside.

Daddy laying bricks in our back "sunken garden" area.

Daddy and Seth working.

More great help that daddy was able to have.

Sabrina found this dead opossum one day. Sayer was evidently quite fascinated.

We are not finished with our landscaping yet. It is really looking great. I'll have to do a post when we are done of what the finished product looks like!

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