Saturday, June 11, 2011

Farmers Market

This year, our family is participating in our local farmers market.  Here are some pictures of our first market day (and a couple of days leading up to it) a few weeks ago.  Mommy and Sabrina spent a full day at the commercial kitchen canning sand plum jelly and baking pumpkin bread and granola.  They worked so hard!  Unfortunately, I don't have pictures from that day, but I hope you enjoy the ones below.

Hannah and Lily helped me do all of the baking at the commercial kitchen.  It was such a blessing - I couldn't have done it without them!!!

Rising bread

Mixing dough




Packaging granola

Rising cinnamon rolls

Baked cinnamon rolls!!

Packaging bread

After a full days work 
- the Lord blessed our efforts though and it went really well.  The fellowship was great too! :)

Daddy making labels

Labels printing :)

At the market 
(thank you for the picture mommy!)

More venders

Shenandoah and Jamison Evans (some friends of ours that also do the market)

Part of our table

Another part of our table

It was Mother's Day that weekend, so mommy put together these beautiful Mother's Day Baskets!!

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Vicki said...

Your table looks great and the food looks delicious :)