Thursday, January 31, 2013

Where We Stayed In Normandy...

But first, I couldn't post about our trip to Normandy without mentioning the most interesting eating experience we had while in Europe.  Two things we learned about France 1) Make sure you fit your schedule around their meal times as they are different than ours (and things close down in-between) 2) Know who you're taking meal recommendations from!!  :)  We pulled in to our VRBO (vacation rental by owner) at a later hour and took a dinner recommendation from our well-intended hostess. Unfortunately, the truck stop restaurant was all that was opened.  Think "alien buffet" or maybe not quite that bad.  The difficult thing was just knowing what to eat and what to stay away from as we're pretty sure there was raw meat!!  We were sure we were going to end up with some sort of stomach bug (since our American stomachs are only used to so much), but thankfully the Lord preserved us!!  The bread was good though... :)  One more tip: we found out that "Apple Cider" in France is more like "Fermented Apple Juice" - it's just not quite the same.  Stick with the lemonade - it tastes like Sprite.

On to where we stayed now!

This is a house from the 1600's - and it kind of felt like it too!! :)  It was the "ladies quarters" for the hunting lodge that is apparently not too far up the road.  We learned from our hostess that this is where the ladies would come and do hand work, etc. while the men were away hunting.

A view out the window.

The living room.

This is what it may have looked like back then.

The upstairs hallway.

The boys bunks.

Old rock walls - it's hard to tell from the picture, but look how thick those walls are!!

Sienna by "her" picture.
Our parents have each of our names framed with their meanings lining the wall on the way up our stairs.  Each of our frames has a unique picture in the background and we were surprised to see Sienna's here!

Shenandoah made a swing on one of the bunk beds.

The kitchen.

The Cochran siblings

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