Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Our Library Room

Here are some pictures of our library shelves that daddy recently built.

The start of the job.

Sayer views the work site.

The building begins...

Daddy hard at work.


The building and painting complete, next comes the organizing. Didn't daddy do a great job?!

Sabrina and I helped mommy unpack and organize the shelves. It went very well and it is wonderful to have all of our books out again!!! (They had been packed since our move a year and a half ago!)

The work (or rather fun) of unpacking and organizing goes on...

and on.

The boxes pile up. (This wasn't even half of them!) Mommy enlisted the children in taking these boxes down to the trailer.

Then, instead of taking them down to the trailer (or as they said "on the way down to the trailer") Sabrina had an idea...

Let's slide down the hill on the boxes!!! (Note: Mommy did approve it.)

The art of play.

What did they accomplish more of - sliding down the hill or hauling the

Our completed bookshelves. Mommy did a great job organizing them. This is such a fun room to be in. I think it's one of my favorites in the whole house!

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