Saturday, September 15, 2007

Cochran Chronicals

Hello again, I hope everyone enjoys the new updates. I had fallen significantly behind!!!

We are doing well. Excited about the arrival of fall!

We have so many baby chicks right now that I've completely lost count. I think we have close to 100!!! They are adorable. Our goats are as ornery as ever. They keep getting out of their fence and we have no idea how they are managing that!
The geese have gotten into a bad habit of biting us. Some of my family members think that it's about time to have two goose dinners (I'm not in agreement though, I would rather give them away.)
We did have something sad happen about a week ago though. We found Socks (one of our new kittens) dead down by our shed. We think it might have been killed by a dog. He belonged to Stasia so, needless to say, she was pretty upset.

The weather has really cooled off and is wonderful!!! We've been enjoying the outdoors a lot more! Last Friday night, our whole family played deer tag and kick ball together. It was so much fun!!!

We are getting back into school. I've been doing a lot of reading lately. I could read all day long and never get tired of it - if only time allowed!!!

I'll be posting pictures of our almost completed library room soon. Daddy built book shelves and we're almost finished unpacking all of our books that have been packed since our move. We are so excited. Well I better go!


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