Friday, January 2, 2009

The Challenge: Trying To Take A Good Family Picture

Does your family have the same trouble getting a decent family picture that ours does? It took us about 300 tries this year before we could get a good one (thankfully we have a digital camera)!!! Below are some of our bloopers!!

Note: Typed by Savannah with commentary by Daddy and Mommy.

Day One

"No, this won't work - Stasia's playing with her hair and the baby is crying."

"The baby's still crying."

Another day, Another try...

"The baby's not crying this time, but Seth you need to open your eyes and smile!"

"Seth, my son, you've got a weird look on your face."

"You three younger ones need to stand up straight and smile!!!"

"Boys, now you're just being goofy."

"That wasn't too bad, but now the baby is crying again!!"

Another day, Another try...

"All right, the baby is asleep in her car seat. Let's try to get a good one now. Boys you're going to have to do better than that."

"Oops, I cut Sabrina's head off and Sayer has a goofy smile."

"I don't think we're ever going to get a decent picture."

"Yes, I'm about ready to call it quits!!"

"That's it - we've gone crazy - hopefully we'll recover before we have to do this again next year!"

P.S. The picture we finally used is the one you see in the above "Happy New Year" post!!


Nancy said...

I LOVE all the pictures!! We have the same problem here! Someone's always got a goofy smile or not looking at the camera. Gotta love trying to get family pictures with a large family.

Jo said...

Hello Cochran family!
Thank you for the New Year's letter with photos! Congratulations on baby Shenandoah, she is precious! We didn't know you had a blog before now. We've enjoyed looking through all your previous posts. (We love the Valley of Vision book also.)
Are you planning to attend any conferences this year? We are going to the Christians at the Crossroads Conference(Botkin family) in Georgia next week. Emily would love to attend the Father/Daughter retreat again and the Reformation 500, but we haven't made any decisions yet.
Thank you again for the update letter. Hello to all!
The Case Family