Friday, August 21, 2009

Cochran Chronicles

Greetings!!! Once again, I've fallen terribly be...well... I won't even go there. :) Here is a quick recap of what has been going on in the life of the Cochran family!

July was an interesting month for us. We celebrated daddy's birthday the beginning of the month and then... everyone got sick!!! Unfortunately, daddy became very ill with pneumonia. Shortly after daddy got sick, everyone else (except me) became quite sick as well. Thankfully, no one else got it in their lungs like daddy. It took basically the whole month (plus a little more) for everyone to recover. Everyone is well now.

We have also been staying busy with daily life, animals, work on the property, school, Farmer's Market, OKC Food Coop (we recently started selling our granola and trail mix on there as well and we are quite excited with how well it is going!), trying to lesson our chicken flock some, piano lessons and trying to slow life down a bit too (we'll see how that goes!:).

Shenandoah is growing so fast and already has her first two teeth!!! They are just coming in!!! I was excited to be the first one to discover her very first tooth!!! She is also getting very close to crawling and trying to pull-up too.

Well, there is a quick update. I hope everyone enjoys the new posts below. The Lord is so good!!!

God Bless!

First Lessons In Gravity...

The other day, Seth learned the hard way that what goes up, must come down. :)

He had been helping move some rocks when he stopped to throw some in the air. Unfortunately, he did not get away from the falling rock quick enough and it gave him a pretty good gash on the head.  He came running up to the house with blood streaming down his face and leaving a trail behind him.  Once he was assured that he hadn't lost all of his blood (his greatest distress in the situation :) he calmed right down.  

Daddy and Mommy took him to the ER because we thought he needed stitches, but thankfully, he ended up being just fine without them! 

Random Pictures Of Recent Days...

Our little cowgirl.

Dr. Harrison and Sophie

Mr. Thornton and Margaret

Sayer has recently aged drastically. :)

New Goats!!!

Last week, we had a special surprise. Mr. Good (a friend and very nice neighbor of ours) brought us two new goats!!! After loosing Fawny and Felicity a couple of months ago (a cause of great disappointment and sadness in our home) Mr. Good set about to present us with two new goats without us even knowing. He bought them for us and had them tested and everything!!! Sabrina especially was very excited about this. We named our new goats Sweetie Pie (the black one) and Sue (the brown and white spotted one). They are doing great and getting along well with our other animals. We are excited about being able to breed three goats this fall!

Sabrina and Shane (Mr. Good's helper) getting the new goats out of the trailer.

Leading the goats into their new home.

Pansy checking out the new arrivals.

Our goats.

Mr. Good and Sabrina

Our Landscaping

Here are some long over-due pictures of the landscaping that we did a couple of months ago.  Things are growing well and although we are still trying to finish up a few things, we are quite pleased with how it has turned out so far.  I hope you enjoy the pictures!!!

The side of our house.

Close up.

Another angle.

Yet another view and...

Another!      and...


The plants and mulch we lined our drive with.

Another view down our drive and also the trees that we planted.  (You can see my bee hives in the background!)

Our rose bush.

Our newly re-painted pillars.  We like the burgundy so much better than the green that was previously there!  Don't the flowers match nicely?!

Another view of our front porch.

Our front yard.  (You can see our garden down the hill in the background).

The rock-way and potted plants by our front stairs that lead down our hill.