Friday, August 21, 2009

First Lessons In Gravity...

The other day, Seth learned the hard way that what goes up, must come down. :)

He had been helping move some rocks when he stopped to throw some in the air. Unfortunately, he did not get away from the falling rock quick enough and it gave him a pretty good gash on the head.  He came running up to the house with blood streaming down his face and leaving a trail behind him.  Once he was assured that he hadn't lost all of his blood (his greatest distress in the situation :) he calmed right down.  

Daddy and Mommy took him to the ER because we thought he needed stitches, but thankfully, he ended up being just fine without them! 

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Strang Family said...

Wow! What a hard learned lesson! I had to chick on the picture to figure out what all the little red dots were. LOL! That is a ton of blood! Glad he is doing well!