Friday, August 21, 2009

Our Landscaping

Here are some long over-due pictures of the landscaping that we did a couple of months ago.  Things are growing well and although we are still trying to finish up a few things, we are quite pleased with how it has turned out so far.  I hope you enjoy the pictures!!!

The side of our house.

Close up.

Another angle.

Yet another view and...

Another!      and...


The plants and mulch we lined our drive with.

Another view down our drive and also the trees that we planted.  (You can see my bee hives in the background!)

Our rose bush.

Our newly re-painted pillars.  We like the burgundy so much better than the green that was previously there!  Don't the flowers match nicely?!

Another view of our front porch.

Our front yard.  (You can see our garden down the hill in the background).

The rock-way and potted plants by our front stairs that lead down our hill.


Bethany said...

It looks so nice! I enjoy looking at your blog.


Strang Family said...


The house looks so nice!

By the way- I found it interesting that your family likes the Booher Brothers music because we know them!!! :) We just saw one of them last month and the pictures will be up on our blog in just a minute! :) I love their music too!