Friday, August 21, 2009

New Goats!!!

Last week, we had a special surprise. Mr. Good (a friend and very nice neighbor of ours) brought us two new goats!!! After loosing Fawny and Felicity a couple of months ago (a cause of great disappointment and sadness in our home) Mr. Good set about to present us with two new goats without us even knowing. He bought them for us and had them tested and everything!!! Sabrina especially was very excited about this. We named our new goats Sweetie Pie (the black one) and Sue (the brown and white spotted one). They are doing great and getting along well with our other animals. We are excited about being able to breed three goats this fall!

Sabrina and Shane (Mr. Good's helper) getting the new goats out of the trailer.

Leading the goats into their new home.

Pansy checking out the new arrivals.

Our goats.

Mr. Good and Sabrina

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