Friday, May 20, 2011

Random Pictures and Happenings From April


 She loves the goat kids- especially Ballantyne
She also likes the mamas, but I think thats mostly because she likes the milk :)


 Hauling hay with daddy

 Dumping it in the wire cages - they really liked this part because...

 ...they got thrown in to tramp it down!! 
(look for them behind the tree branch)

 Stasia's turn

 Seth's turn


 Work in the garden

 Sabrina and Sayer

 After a full days work, Sayer was tired.  He fell asleep on the chair in the dining room!!

 In April, two of Joshua's sisters, Hannah and Lily, came out to be with him.  We've really enjoyed getting to know them!

 Eating dinner 
(Joshua had to work late this particular night, but we enjoyed bringing Hannah and Lily to spend the evening with us)

 Sabrina, Sienna, and Hannah

Playing kitchen with Lily

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