Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fellowship With The Ford Family

A few weeks ago, the Ford family had us to their home.  We had such a wonderful day of fellowship together.  Thank you so much for having us - it was a lot of fun!!!


 Another angle

 Shenandoah having fun with Ariel

 Sword fights!  
The boys thought this was awesome, and of course, Shenandoah couldn't be left out! :)


 Big brother - little sister

 And the fight is on!

 It continues


Fellow photographers

 They make delicious cinnamon rolls!

 Mrs. Ford and Shenandoah

 The boys had fun with G.I. Joes


 We watched this great speech by Ronald Reagan

 I highly recommend it!

 The girls

This is the first time us kids ever went - we enjoyed it a lot!  I even caught a tree!!! :)


 A beautiful sunset!

 Another angle


 Look at him go!

 Seth caught a fish!

 Daddy caught a fish!


 ...and Sabrina did too!!

 All the kids - heading back

Shenandoah thought riding in the back of the truck was great. :)

Special thanks to the Fords for some of the pictures - thanks for sharing them!  We had such a blessed time at your home!!


Carissa said...


I enjoyed looking at the pictures of all of you. Shenandoh sure has grown a lot since the last time we saw you.


Lisa said...

Goodness, are JUST like Jessie. You take pictures of everything!!! It's so funny :)