Friday, July 1, 2011

A Wonderful Weekend of Fellowship -May 20-21

We were greatly blessed by a visit from our great, great, aunt Vivian and her daughter and son-in-law, Lynn and Dale.  Aunt Vivian and my grandmother (she was grandma's aunt) were very close until grandma went to be with the Lord almost nine years ago.  For the past several years, I have very much enjoyed writing back and forth with Aunt Vivian.  Her letters are so special to me!  We were very excited when we heard they were going to be able to stop by.

 Dale, Aunt Vivian, and Lynn

We enjoyed showing them all of our animals!!
 Shenandoah and the kitten

 Aunt Vivian, Sayer, and kittens

 Lynn, Shenandoah, and kittens

 Showing aunt Vivian Lady our goat kid

 Lady wasn't very sure about being out of her fence!

 We even brought Hercules up too!!

 Dale and Daddy

 iPhone talk time

 Looking at photo albums

 All of us kids with Aunt Vivian 

 Aunt Vivian and I

 Mommy and aunt Vivian

Thank you so much for coming!!!  It was wonderful to have you all - we enjoyed it very much!!!

The next day...
 The Gobart Family came for a visit!!! 
 We were so very blessed by the wonderful fellowship.  Enjoy the pictures!!! 

 Touring the outside

 I couldn't resist a sky picture :)

 Hannah and I visiting while doing dinner

 The men fellowshipping

 Puzzle time!

 The kittens got baths!!

 The washing crew

 I'm not sure the kittens enjoyed it very much, but they sure looked fluffy!! :)




 ...and more reading!!

I got to hold Sofia - she is such a sweetie :)

Thank you all for coming!!!  We enjoyed it very much and hope we can do it again sometime!!!

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