Friday, August 12, 2011

Aunt Brenda, Uncle Drew, and Cousins

The end of June/beginning of July, Aunt Brenda (mommy's sister), Uncle Drew, and our cousins -Logan, Luke, Elizabeth, Hannah, and Maraeah came for a visit.  It was SO good to see them again!!!  They live in Montana and it had been four years since we had seen all of them (two years since we saw Aunt Brenda and Luke).  We're so glad you could come!!!  Here are some pictures from the days they were here.

Aunt Brenda, Uncle Drew, Logan, Luke, Elizabeth, Hannah, and Maraeah

To start off their visit, we tried to get rid of a few flies!  Mommy was paying 10 cents per carcass! :)

Getting quite a few

The first day, we only had one swatter (we quickly realized we needed to increase our storage of arms :), so Luke went after them with his hands!

That's one way to get rid of flies... they did a great job!!!

Hannah set up a delightful picnic for her and I

We were joined by Maraeah and Shenandoah!

Making laundry soap
 (we just started doing this a few months ago and we love it!  It's really economical too!)

Aunt Brenda helped me

The boys building a lego castle

The floor

"Pause real quick and look everyone!"

Ladies at tea

All dressed up

- Sabrina, Elizabeth, Sienna, and I

Ring around the pumpkins 
(our made-up version of ring around the rosies :)

Playing horses

Sabrina and Hannah

Zipline time!


"Okay guys, bring it back!"

Hannah's turn

Logan and I built this wedget "exorbiter"


Seth, Maraeah, and Sayer

Late-night game of kemps 
(yes, I know, it's kind of a funny picture! It's hard when you take it yourself!)

Finishing the game the next day
(This picture is much better!)

Even I need float devices! :)  


It has been SO hot - the pool felt great!!!  The only sad thing was...

...Hannah and Elizabeth got stung!  


We went shooting!!!
Ready to go!

Logan's turn

The targets


Some of the onlookers and target callers 
(is that a term?  I don't know. Whatever you call the people who tell you if you hit the target! :)



Uncle Drew

Taking a break


This is Sabrina's plate - she did really well!  
(she even got one in the black center!)


Back at the house, Logan gave me a bullet anatomy lesson

Thanks to Logan, I think I could now give you a proper and thorough description of the differences between a rifle and shotgun bullet! :)

Playing kemps

Joshua, Aunt Brenda, Uncle Drew

Mommy and Daddy

Group cousin shot!

On the stairs

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