Thursday, September 13, 2012

Misc. Happenings From The Past Three Months

Well, the title says it!!!  These are just a bunch of misc. things that I didn't want to skip blogging about!!! :)

Mrs. Rogers, Jonah, and I
The Rogers family are a very sweet and precious family that we have been blessed by on numerous occasions.  They are always wearing a smile and always have an encouraging word or something to thank the Lord for.  We're so thankful that they are a part of our church here in Oklahoma!!  Now I have a little story...

I am not a plant person - I don't generally like plants and I do a terrible job taking care of them (even though I do try!).  There is one exception to that though.  When my Grandma Elder died, grandpa gave me one of her plants and needless to say, I am quite attached to it as is is very special to me!!  That doesn't take care of the fact though that I am very bad with plants.  During the ten years I've had this plant, it has never gotten over about 8 leaves until last summer.  I was afraid it was going to die as it did not look good.  I prayed that the Lord would please help it not to die and I also got some helpful tips on what to do for it from friends and family and tried repotting it (again) and also watering it with different water.  When we left for Germany in January, I asked Mrs. Rogers if she would please watch my plant for me.  She blessed my greatly by doing just that!!  Needless to say, when we got home and I had somewhere around 40 (now nearly 50!) huge and beautiful leaves on it - it had never looked so good - I was very pleasantly surprised!!!  The Lord answers prayers!!!  Thank you so much Rogers family!!! 

A family Cherry Berry excursion - first one with daddy back from Germany!

I've put together several slideshows from our time in Europe and it is always a lot of fun to watch others enjoy them!

Shenandoah loves the kitties!!

Working outside with daddy.

Building planes together when they came inside!

During daddy's two weeks off for coming home from a deployment, we did some projects, but we also had a lot of fun playing cards together as a family!!  

Seth made a great lego model of the Titanic.

Daddy's welcome home meal - his favorite - roast beef, mashed potatoes, green beans (the ones we canned!), and rolls.

Fair maidens... with a cell phone?!? :)

Knights in shining armor!!!

Play time

Seth cutting cucumbers for cucumber salad.

Sabrina is such a blessing in the kitchen and does a huge part of Cochran kitchen duty!  Thank you, sis!!

Sayer cutting strawberries.


Shen with her stuffed animals.

A beautiful evening sky on our way home from Kansas City.

When our cousins stayed with us from TX, Shenandoah and Marcelino were so cute looking at books together.

Isn't this a good picture?

Sabrina made yummy peach cobbler and homemade chocolate sauce to go over homemade ice cream!!!

Mmmm...  This was Friday Family Fun Night and although I failed to get any pictures of what we did, we enjoyed watching some of our slideshows from Europe to review, discuss and remember what we did and saw while there.

The next three are some Oklahoma storm sky pictures (I couldn't decide which one I liked best :).  Which one is your favorite?

I like the light on the storm cloud in the middle of the storm clouds!

Cute little girls after church.

Joint effort on dinner - homemade burgers, with fries, and organic ketchup (made with agave!)!!  Daddy got our grill fixed and those burgers sure were delicious!!!

I came across this great picture of my daddy while going through pictures today.  I love him so much!!!

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