Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm Back!!

As you can see, blogging has been somewhat a thing of the past with the Cochran's of late.  All of my good intentions of getting caught up weeks ago obviously did not pan out (as I'm sure you already noticed :)!!!

Truly, though I had intentions of doing this long ago, I believe this is the time that the intentions will actually become facts!!!  Things are settling back into a more normal swing of things in the Cochran household and I look forward to hopefully getting the blog fully up to date.  I hope our readers enjoy it too!!!

Instead of a long "Cochran Chronicles"- type post, I will get right into the pictures.  The plan will be as follows...

First, I will be finishing up the last day of our Poland/Prague weekend.  This will be the last of European posts - TEMPORARILY.

Second, I will get caught up with what we've been doing over the past couple of months.  I've kept semi up-to-date, so these posts will just help to fill in the gaps!!!

Once those posts are all finished, I will get right back into finishing our posts of Europe.  Stay tuned because I still have a LOT of fun ones to do!!!  I think you'll love all the pictures.

Look for a new post on The Family Cochran (hopefully) everyday for a while now!!

Blessings and I hope you enjoy getting caught up as much as I will!! :)

~ Savannah

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