Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Welcome Home Daddy!!!

As you know, daddy has been home for almost two months now - yay!!!  We are so happy to be back together again as a family.  I was going to say that we've settled back into normal life again, but there really hasn't been any "settling" about it. :)  Instead of saying we've been busy we have taken to saying (thanks to mommy!) that we have been very "fully productive" - we agree that's a better way to look at it (although sometimes there are no two ways about it - you're just flat out busy!! :)!!  Life is certainly keeping up a fast pace, but we are all doing well.

So, here are the long overdue pictures from daddy's welcome home at the airport etc.  We had so much fun being there together with several of the family's from our church and we were all blessed by them taking the time to wait with us all day as one delay happened after another (poor daddy almost didn't make it home that day!!).  Thankfully daddy DID make it back and we were able to continue as planned (even though it was about six hours later!! :)

Daddy was flying with United airlines and we just had to laugh because the next day when we were unpacking his bags, Sabrina noticed the United luggage tag said "United - Simplify Your Travels".  That certainly wasn't our experience!!! :)

Here are the pictures - thank you to the "O's" for taking and sharing many of them!!!

Families from our church waiting for updates on daddy's arrival time - the flight delays that day were crazy!!!

We all got Cherry Berry together before heading to the airport (what better way to pass the time?! :)

Some of the ladies...

...and some of the men.

Our whole group!!!

Showing up at the airport and attempting to get situated.

He's finally here!!!  Although it wasn't 2:47 any more, but about 8:45!!!

Thank you to Benjamin for the great sign!!!

There he is!!!

It's so good to have daddy back!!

Greetings with friends all around - what a blessing this welcome home was to daddy - thank you everyone for participating!!!

We were able to welcome Maj. Yape (do you remember him from Germany?) home too as his family was awaiting him in Michigan. 

Then we all ate at Ted's - the BEST mexican restaurant!!!  Even though it was much later than planned, the Lord worked out everything with the wait and all and the staff were so nice and helpful!!

Enjoying fellowship and a late, but very delicious dinner!

We got to bed very late after visiting with daddy and seeing some of the things that he brought back for us - thank you daddy!!!  We love you and it is so good to have you home!!!

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