Thursday, October 18, 2012

They Gave Their Tomorrows...

Hello Everyone!

I'm going to give you a little slideshow that I hope you will enjoy while I try to find time to continue on with other posts!!

Here is a picture tribute that I put together in honor of those who have given their all for our country.  The pictures are from all of the American cemeteries, memorials, and Normandy sites that we saw while in Europe.  I hope everyone enjoys it!!!

I also wanted to include the following poem...

They Gave Their Tomorrows

"Would he ever come back ?
Was on the soldier's mind
Determined to defend his country
And destroy the enemy lines
He gazed at the angry waters
As he sailed across the sea
Knowing his destination
Was the shore of Normandy
He tried not to show
The fear he felt inside
Now he faced the enemy
There was no place to hide
He walked through the carnage
A sight he will never forget
The cries, the moans
And the stench of death
No time to mourn his fallen comrades
No time to share their pain
Only time to witness courage
Over and over again
Brave comrades gave their "Tomorrows"
That we have our "Todays"
So let the poppies bloom forever
On their silent graves"

~By Lois Daley Laycock

(Note: Part of the slideshow is cut off on the blog page unless you play it in full-screen mode :).

They Gave Their Tomorrows from The Cochran's on Vimeo.

Remember - "Freedom is never free - it is WON."

We've been given a great inheritance, but we must not stand by on the sidelines.  Our freedoms are slowly being taken out from under us.  What are we going to do about that?  We must be faithful to defend that which was given us to keep.  We must act NOW!!!

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