Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Past Couple Months - From iPad Pictures

As you've probably noticed (if there's anyone that still reads our blog), posts have been few and far between!!  I've actually tried to post this a couple of different times, but have been having technical difficulties until now. :)  I hope you enjoy the following pictures and getting a little glimpse of what we've been doing the past couple of months.

 We harvested honey - YAY!!!  It is SO good!!!  We had a little battle with the bees though and Seth and I got stung by our eyes (daddy also got stung on his arm and back!)!!!

 It was worth the honey though. :)

 While daddy and the boys were at the Father Son Retreat, the Cochran ladies reorganized the house!  It turned out to be a little bit of a bigger project than we anticipated... :)


 Stasia and Shenandoah

 Sabrina and the work in the hall.

 We had stuff piled everywhere.  I guess it always looks worse before it looks better!

Left over stuff from Germany.

 I organized the guest room closet.  Hannah, you should see it now - it looks great and you'd have plenty of room!!! :)

 We must have been tuckered out after a busy three days because we fell asleep waiting for daddy and the boys to arrive home!

 Our adorable little goat milker.

 Shenandoah and Sabrina.

 Canning green beans.

 Cutting chicken.

 Playing together.

 Tea time!

 Scrapbook box filing is my job!!!  Somehow, I hadn't done it since the end of 2010 - YIKES!!!

 Sabrina canned more okra - she did it different and it actually tastes good this time!!

 She also made some experimental...

 ...vanity cakes!!!

 Seth made another cathedral (and since then he has built his version of the Eiffel Tower :).

 He also made grandma Elder's chili recipe - it is the best and he did a great job!!!

 Sienna preparing salad toppings.

 Our salad bar - healthy and delicious!

 Stasia made apple fruit cake - she copied the recipe from Elsie Dinsmore and made it all by herself!

 We put together a care package for our missionary friends in Africa!

 We had so much fun going shopping for them!!

Sir  Knight...


More canning.

This time apples!!!

Taking a break for lunch.

Back to work!

Lots of peels!

Seth was such a blessing doing dishes.

Shenandoah likes to help fold laundry.

Sisters and kittens.

Seth helped daddy stain the deck. Daddy said he couldn't have done it without him!


Action shot!


We had some little people under the weather one Sunday, so I stayed home with them from church.  Seth made some shaved ice with flavored stevia - it was delicious!!

We had fun playing Go Fish!  
(We also had fun trying to get this picture. :) It was a challenge!!).

Sabrina canned banana peppers.

Apple butter!!

Our little cowboy.

Chicken soup for lunch when people were under the weather!

Stasia milked the goat while Sabrina was sick.  It was an adventure the first day (the goats are partial to Sabrina), but it went better after that.

Stasia loves to experiment and cook in the kitchen!  If it's true that good cooks have a messy kitchen (although we generally beg to differ with that), she's going to really be a great cook!!! :)

Do you think we had a problem with this new bag of prunes that we ordered?! :)  

Stasia took this pretty picture.

We had our first fire of the season a few weeks ago!!

I was excited to get my first voter card in last month!!

Sabrina made homemade fish and chips - we hadn't had fish and chips since we were in Germany!

Stasia had fun dressing Sheny up!

Lots of hanging clothes - this is what it looks like when we're getting ready to leave town (except for this wasn't all of them!!)!!

We were blessed to be able to go to a very convicting and perspective honing conference a few weeks ago.  We were blessed by what we were able to learn and also by the fellowship we had with dear friends.  More pictures on this in the future...

On the way home, we drove right by the arch!

This reminded us of Europe...

Thanksgiving preparations are underway!!

We've had a great, but very full last few months (these pictures really do just give a glimpse! :)  I'm looking forward to doing more posts as time allows!

Blessings to everyone - enjoy this lovely time of year!!

~ Savannah


Flame of Jah said...

I still read your blog, so you still have at least one reader. I don't tend to comment much anywhere, so that is why you rarely see anything from me.
Looks like y'all have had a very productive time,

God Bless,

Veronica said...

Just got your Thanksgiving letter today :). Its neat to look at the old pictures and see how much everyone is growing and changing! Glad to hear that everyone is doing well! We went by the St. Louis arch on our way west when we moved!

Anna said...

It's great to see pics of you all and we still talk about how much fun we had staying with you.

Anonymous said...

Hello Savannah!!

Long time no comment. I'm sorry I've not been able to visit your blog much, I don't get to the library much any more. But, I think about you nearly every day and pray you and your family are well.

The new hair cut is cute on you! (or is it an old hair cut?!) ;)

What a lovely bunch of pictures to browse!!! I loved them!

Ya'll are so sweet and I wish we can meet one day soon.
We got you family newsletter last week!!! Thanks so much; it was good to hear how ya'll are doing.

Much love to you and your family,
Sarah Elisabeth

the hardys said...

Hi Savannah!

I enjoyed the post! Bless you on getting stung by your eye! We actually have bees now, but the boys have taken care of them thus far, and no one has gotten stung on their face yet. :)

It was so great to see you and your family at White Unto Harvest! I would have enjoyed seeing you some more, but that weekend wasn't the best one for me, and I'm so glad for the time we did have to visit.

Tell the family hello! I think of you often. ~JB