Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In Germany Once Again!

Greetings to everyone from Deutschland once again!!

We were so blessed by and excited for the opportunity to take a military hop back to Germany for a family vacation.  It almost feels like we never left and it is funny how familiar everything seems!!  It's great to be able to get around easily!!

Without further ado though, I will share with you some pictures of our travels over and then a couple additional posts from this past week.

We passed by the St. Louis arch on our travels.

Waiting to see if we make the space a call.

We made the space a call and got coffee - we were definitely happy. :)

Various last minute things...

That's our's!

On the plane!

It was great having daddy with us this time.

Flying over familiar territory and so excited to be back!!!

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Lisa said...

So excited that you all get to go back!!! Enjoy and have a blast :) Love you ALL!!