Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Germany 2013 Week 3 - Abroad Part One - A Special Visit and WWII Sites

Our first stop of the day was to see Joshua who had flown into Germany.  We wish he could have come along for the day!

A beautiful view into a German town close by part of the Siegfried Line.

The 2013 workout challenge continues.  Who can say they did pushups on the Siegfried Line?!

Even Doey got in on the action!

We stopped by a neat little museum near the Hurtgen Forest.

It has some of the many artifacts that they've uncovered since the war.

There are still unexploded mines today.  Since we were going to the forest next, that's the part that made me nervous. :)

Walking out to the forest.

We didn't go too far because we were pressed for time, but it was neat to be here anyway!

Looking from the vantage point of the foxholes down into Foy.

Back in Bastogne, we picked up some goodies for the drive home.

Fries and mayonnaise - the BEST!!! 
(It has to be European mayo though!! :)

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