Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Germany 2013 Week 3 - Abroad Part Two - Ulm

One of the places we wanted to revisit when we knew we were going back to Germany was Garmisch.  We had so much fun there in 2012!  This year on the way though, we stopped in at Ulm to clime the highest church in the world - the Ulm Minster.

It looked like some old Roman ruins by the side of the highway.

Yep. It's tall!!

We start on our way...

Sayer - our brave little guy - did a great job for being scared of heights.  We ended up leaving him and mommy to wait for us at the half way point.

At this point, it got a little nerve wracking.  It did NOT feel closed in enough!!!

We made it to the top!

The workout challenge continues at the top of the tallest church in the world - 768 steps up!!

You can't tell from the picture, but we could faintly make out the alps!!!

What goes up, must come down...

These structures always have the most ridiculous messages on the wall...

Back in the town, we walked past this little place whose theme colors are my two favorite!! :)

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