Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Germany 2013 Week 2 - Abroad Part Four - Touring in France

We did a blow out day of sites in France - two we had planned and one that was a surprise!  I hope you'll enjoy getting back into pictures from Germany!!! :)

On the road again and enjoying breakfast from a German bakery.

Those names look familiar.


First we headed to Verdun.

A village on the hill.

We stopped to get some info.

A perfect time to continue with our 2013 workout challenge!


The city gate.

It would not feel good if that fell on your head!

This bakery has the BEST eclairs - oh dear, why am I posting this right now?!?! (mouth watering)

Eclair break!

On the way to our next destination, we stopped by some WWI trenches.  Whereas last year we only visited WWII sites, it was neat to visit some WWI sites this year as well.

There are many different monuments along the road.

Looking at some of the WWI equipment.

We visited the Trench of the Bayonets.

The Verdun memorial.

Next we headed to Fort Douaumont - the largest and highest fort on the ring of 19 defensive forts protecting the city of Verdun. 

Next we headed to the Meuse-Argonne American cemetery.  It was exciting to be in the area where Sgt. York performed his heroic exploits. 

If you enlarge the pictures below, I think you will be able to read the stories of the medal of honor winners - they are so inspiring. 

We learned from the gentleman in charge of the memorial that the French people still remember and appreciate Sgt. York even today.  We were excited when he gave us a map of the locations where Sgt. York fought!  This was something we had not intended doing, but were so happy we did.

We set off on the Sgt. York trail.

Seth built his plane from his kinder egg.

Goats out the window.

A neat old church.

Chatel Chehery - the town near the woods where Sgt. York performed his famous exploits.

Sienna got out to give us some fliers on our location and where to go from there.

This Sgt. York trail was put together by an American eagle scout - such a neat learning experience and very well done.  It was great to be there in person.  

It was a 3 kilometer walk back through woods out in the middle of nowhere in France.  We were going to try to drive, but decided the van might not make it, so we decided to brave it on foot.

Mud.  Tons of it.  We were glad we walked. :)

The signs recount the story all along the way.
(blow them up and you should be able to see)

This is where the trail ended!  A neat little memorial spot!

In the trench where Sgt. York was.

On the way back home, we stopped by another little French town to see some more WWI trenches.

There was this underground tunnel... and it was open!!!  We decided it would be wisest not to go through it (even though there were certain members of our family who would have been happy too!!).

The huge craters were amazing.  It would be interesting to know the exact story behind this location...

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