Monday, April 2, 2007

Getting A Goat March 17th

This Saturday we added a one year old goat to our farm!!! Sariah (our goat) is so sweet although she is still not quite sure of us. We got Sariah from a sweet couple, Mr. and Mrs. Hall. They have been supplying us with goats milk and goats milk soap and want to help us find a goat that is currently milking. They are so nice!!!

Mr. Hall and Sabrina helping Sariah into her new home

All of us kids getting to know our newest addition to the farm

Smile Everyone!

Mr. and Mrs. Hall

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Buffalo Gal said...

Howdy To the Cochrans,

This is ~Buffalo Gal~ & ~Buffalo Jim~ here. So glad you sent us your blog!! We've enjoyed lookin' at all your pictures of your place and your new additions. It looks like y'all have been busy like we've been this spring (or should I say winter, since it's still so chilly here).

A belated "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to Seth. Looked like he enjoyed it from the photos!

Please relay to Mom & Dad and the rest of the 'gang' we said "Howdy"!! We love seein' what all you've done!!

Love to y'all,
~Buffalo Gal~ & ~Buffalo Jim~