Monday, January 19, 2009

A Trip To Kansas City

In January, we went to Missouri to attend the funeral of mommy's uncle Jimmy. Though it was a very sad reason for our trip, we enjoyed the time we were able to spend visiting with family and friends (it was fun to be able to introduce Shenandoah to them for the first time!) Here are some pictures from our trip.

The kids in the back of the van.

Shenandoah did such a great job on the trip. She is such a good traveler!!!

I got to drive too!!!

Grandma (daddy's mother) seeing Shenandoah (in person) for the first time.

On Tuesday after the funeral, our good friends the Pentimone's had us over for dinner. It was so nice to see them again. Thank you for your hospitality!!!

The Pentimone family (minus Mr. Pentimone who was unable to be there that night).

Sienna, Carissa and Shenandoah

The kitchen clean up crew!!! It was fun working together!!!

The younger children playing.


We were so happy to be able to visit with grandpa (mommy's father) again. It had been a while! In this picture, Seth is enjoying a ride on grandpa's wheel chair. (Grandpa was in a car accident 6 years and broke his neck. He is now paralyzed from the neck down.)

For lunch on Wednesday, we met our Uncle Todd and Aunt Moe at "On The Border". It was a lot of fun!!!

Aunt Moe and Shenandoah

Eating lunch

We had a great time visiting with them!

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amy said...

We were so glad you all were able to come while you were in KC. We all enjoyed seeing you again!!! Thank you for coming!